Thursday, March 6, 2003

My boyfriend watches movies like I read books. Besides a media studies major I knew in college (Hey Sly!), Dan has seen more movies than any other person I know. I've tried to tell him this isn't normal, but he takes one look at my overflowing book case and I tend to clam up.

We happen to live near a university campus, and there is a local video rental place that has pretty good stock. You can find a lot of off-the-beaten path stuff there, as well as the big blockbusters. A good thing, since Dan and I are running out of options when it comes to renting. Whether he was desperate the other night or whatever, I don't know - but I talked him into renting a movie that has been catching my eye for months now - The Cat's Meow.

I'm a history junkie. I'm also a pop culture idiot savant. Dan jokes that he may watch a ton of movies, but that he keeps me around to remember the pesky details - like titles, actors, you know - the minor stuff.

We both rather liked the movie - Dan was pleased to see another movie where Kirsten Dunst displayed talent (I know I can't be the only one who was annoyed by her in Spiderman) and I rather liked Eddie Izzard's take on the late Charlie Chaplin. Joanna Lumley is also fab with her dry wit and sarcasm. I highly endorse it - whether you find early Hollywood a fascinating subject or not.

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