Monday, March 3, 2003

Don't let the fact that librarians have Master's degrees fool you, we don't make a lot of money. Oh sure, my yearly income allows me food, shelter, and the ability to support my book habit, but one does have to be frugal. For instance, I drive a 13 year old car. Now, I love my Honda. I hold a certain sentimental feeling for it - that and the insurance is dirt cheap and it's paid for. However, when the temperture dips to 2 above 0 my car doesn't really like to start. It will turn over - but only reluctantly and frankly it sounds really sad.

So why don't I just bite the bullet and get a new car? I'm cheap. I have this issue with spending a bunch of money in one pop. Buying my furniture was a life altering experience. That, and this car is paid for. I'm driving it until the wheels fall off.

Hey, did anyone watch "The Simpsons" last night? Besides an appearance by Ralph Wiggum, the highlight of the show for me was watching British chick lit author Helen Fielding run around like Benny Hill. I about wet my pants.

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