Friday, February 28, 2003

While I've been boring web denizens for a couple of years now with my various musings, ramblings, readings and other nonsense at my secluded little corner of cyberspace, I like the idea of a blog. Sometimes I get this idea or notion lodged into my head that I want to type out, but don't really want to clutter up my web page. So what better format than my own online diary.

I think blogging appeals to me because I used to keep a diary during my teen years. I even kept them all. The sad state of affairs here is that I wasn't a terribly interesting young girl, and to look at my diaries now is a little embarrassing. I mean, why do I save them? Would my niece really want to learn that one of her aunt's ex-boyfriends once called her a "social death trap?" Will she be pleased to discover that for once in my life I managed a retort, albeit not very witty, by calling him a "retarded little dwarf?" To be fair, I was only 16 at the time - and while I was a bit of a social death trap, the last thing I needed was to hear him call me that.

So what can one expect from my blog? Well, I am a public librarian specializing in all things adult fiction - so expect the occasional library story. Also, I read entirely too much - mainly romance novels and some mystery - so expect a lot of that. Also, expect various musings on topics that interest me - everything from movies to music to politics - whatever strikes my fancy on a particular day.

So sit back, pull up a computer screen, and whatever you do - don't call me a social death trap.

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