Friday, January 12, 2018

Reminder: #TBRChallenge for January

Hey, hey, hey!  For those of you participating in the 2018 #TBRChallenge, a reminder that your commentary is "due" on Wednesday, January 17.  The theme this month is We Love Short Shorts!  This means shorter word counts - so novellas, short stories, category length romance novels etc.

Ah, I can hear you thinking...

But Wendy!  I don't like shorter reads!  They always leave me feeling so dissatisfied!  Hey, no problem!  The themes are totally optional.  The goal isn't so much what you read, it's that you pick up a book, any book, that has been languishing in your TBR.


1) If you're participating via social media, remember to use the #TBRChallenge hashtag


2) It is not too late to sign-up!  You can get further details and links to all the blogs participating on the 2018 TBR Challenge Information Page.


Ana Coqui said...

I am going to try to do this! My blog is Immersed in Books at

Wendy said...

Hey Ana! I have you linked to the Information Page. Glad you decided to sign up!