Thursday, July 6, 2017

Blog Housekeeping Updates

I'm such a small fish that I rarely do housekeeping-style posts, but I made some changes recently that I felt were worth detailing in an "official" blog post.

First, the minor update.  For a brief moment in time I had a "store" over at Amazon, which was linked in the menu bar underneath my fabulous blog header.  Amazon is doing away with the personalized storefronts, so I'm experimenting with a more traditional ad space in the sidebar.  It's minimal enough that I don't think it will be too annoying - and if you have an ad blocker or read this blog in some sort of feed reader, you'll likely never be bothered by it at all.  At this point I have no immediate plans to embed ads into my posts (mostly because I find those annoying).

Now, the more major update.  After several years I have decided that I need to let go of my Upcoming Historical Romance wiki.  I'm sorry to disappoint the three of you (ha!) who liked to visit that page, but keeping it updated has been a struggle for, at least, the past two years - and looking at the page now?  Well, I've totally fallen off a cliff.  I don't really talk much about the intricacies of my Real Life Day Job - but suffice it to say in the 14 years I've been blogging I have steadily moved up the ladder of responsibility in my career.  And as I've moved up that ladder, I've had to learn to prioritize my "down time."  So...bye-bye wiki.

For historical fans, a reminder that I am still writing my Unusual Historicals column for Heroes & Heartbreakers every month.  So I'm not completely abandoning you or the sub genre.


A Library Girl said...

I like your Unusual Historicals column, so I'm glad you're still doing that. :)

Nikki said...

I also enjoy reading your column at Heroes & Heartbreakers. I'm glad you're continuing with that.

Wendy said...

Yes, no plans for the H&H column to be discontinued any time soon :)