Friday, August 21, 2015

Librarians Blogging, Recent H&H Posts & Going Dark

I'm over at Read-A-Romance Month today talking about the "joy of romance" in the form of "emotional truth."  Or in shorthand, Why Wendy Reads and Loves the Genre.

You can also read my secret confession about actors named Chris, and enter a to chance to win a prize pack from the RWA Conference that was in New York City this past July.  Over there I call it a "mystery box," but you dear blog readers get an actual photo (see right) of the goodies to behold.  Print books, ebook download cards, swag, and an official RWA tote bag (which is super nice, a quality canvas tote bag).

The drawing is only open to US residents (because I suck) - but you should check out all the posts at RARM because oh my, lots of authors, lots of giveaways, lots o' fun.


I've been kind of lax with posting my various Heroes & Heartbreakers ramblings over here.  In case you've missed it - I still post a monthly column on Unusual Historicals.  Here is the most recent post for August.  I'm a put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is kinda gal - so yeah.  Instead of b*tching about All Regency Dukes All The Time, go out and support the different when you can.  I know, we all have budgets to live with.  Will all of these Different Historicals be winners?  Heck, are all Regency Dukes winners?  But you won't know unless you try. 

I also had a post up recently about the wondrous world of delicious sexual tension, detailing three stand-out books I've read so far this year.  A just-kisses historical, a PG-13 historical and a steamy contemporary erotic romance.  Great sexual tension can be found all over the genre, you just have to be lucky enough to find it.

And as always, if you look under the links section on the right-hand sidebar of this blog - there's a direct link to All Wendy at H&H anytime you need to catch up.


This blog will be dark pretty much all of next week as I'm going to be traveling on business.  In lieu of blogging I hope to find some good eats, some quality vino, and some time to actually, oh I don't know, read.  Being trapped on an airplane is usually how I get a lot of reading done.  So hopefully I'll have some books to chat about once I land back at Bat Cave Central next weekend.

Behave yourselves while your Auntie Wendy is away, and be kind to each other.


Lori said...

Have fun on your trip!

azteclady said...

I love reading the RaRM blog posts, but I hatesses disqus, so no commenting from aztec over there.

Also, I have tote envy ;-)

(I hope you find good things to read in your TBR)

cleo reader said...

Have fun.

I enjoyed your sexual tension post - I am all about the sexual tension in romance. The build up is the fun part. I haven't read Tiffany Girl, but I've read a couple other Gist's and I was impressed with the amount of sexual tension she packed into a kisses only story.

I'm just re-reading one of my current faves when it comes to UST - Finding Master Right by LA Witt. Two guys go to a leather conference as friends and spend the weekend mutually lusting, sending each other mixed signals, and doing scenes with other people. It definitely isn't for everyone (between the multiple partners and the mental lusting verging on whining), but omg does it work for me. Every bdsm scene, even the ones with other partners, builds the tension between the h/h

Wendy said...

Lori: It's business, so the trip shall be what it's gonna be - but if I'm not too exhausted after a full day of workshops, my evenings will mostly be free - so I'm at least hoping for some good dinners :)

AL: I dislike the commenting feature on Blogger because it's so buggy, but yeah - I haven't found a decent alternative I can live with, so....buggy Blogger. Unless I want to fork over the money and go to hosting fees and WordPress and....sigh. I'm cheap. And I don't mind being a small fish in a big pond.

Cleo: That's my thing with Charlotte Stein - she does A LOT of mental lusting in her books, which can wear thin with most authors, but OMG, she's got it down to a science. Sweet Agony was squirm-inducing reading, and I mean that in the best possible way.

Gist has gotten a lot of flack from her inspy fan base about moving towards "pornography" (child, please) - but I can sorta, kinda see their point. She does SO much right in the sexual tension department and she keeps that bedroom door firmly shut. That takes skill.