Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Month That Was April 2014

Lemon Drop: Oh my, for me?

Me: You look genuinely surprised kiddo.

Lemon Drop: Oh you really shouldn't have Auntie Wendy!

Me:  Ummmmm......

Lemon Drop: Finally gracing me with your presence.  Whatever did I do to deserve such generosity?

MeSigh.  OK, so I'm a little late.

Lemon DropAhem.

Me:  OK, a lot late.  I've been busy!

Title links will take you to full reviews

Night Games by Lisa Marie Perry - Contemporary romance, Kimani Romance, 2014, Grade = C
  • A story that tried do to "too much" within the category format and because of that the romance suffered.  Oodles of family drama, and intriguing set-up to series however - if that's how you roll.
Every Part of You: Takes Me by Megan Hart - Erotic romance serial novella, St. Martin's Press, 2014, Grade = B-
  •  Final installment in serial.  Was disappointed with inclusion of sex club scene (dude, was over those in 2005 but whatever....), and felt the ending was rushed.  But some very good groveling on part of asshat hero.  I love me some groveling.
Stolen Kiss From A Prince by Teresa Carpenter - Contemporary romance, Harlequin Romance, 2014, Grade = B-
  •  A traditional, throw-back sort of read - but I mean that in the best possible way.  What elevated this from typical, royalty, fairy tale fare for me was the heroine's journey.  She finds her voice over the course of the story, and that is exactly what I want out of a book that I fear will be nothing more than a simple Rescue Fantasy.  This one avoids that pitfall.
How to Misbehave by Ruthie Knox - Contemporary romance novella, Loveswept, 2013, Grade = B+
  • My TBR Challenge read for the month, I really enjoyed this novella!  I loved that the Alpha Hero came off like an actual real person with real-life foibles.  I loved that the sheltered heroine, while maybe a little naive, wasn't brain-dead stupid.  And I loved the small town feel without all the annoying stuff that crops up in small town romances.  I. Want. More.
Fair Play by Deeanne Gist - Inspirational historical romance, Howard Books, 2014, Grade = B-
  • I loved the history here, and once again Gist delivers an inspirational story without shoving a religious agenda down my throat.  There were times the characters drove me nutty, mostly with their "we know best" mentality to do-gooding, but also the hero's opinion of the heroine having a career (hey, he was true to his time period though!).  Not my favorite Gist I've read, but solid.  And again, great use of history. 
Lemon Drop:  You've been busy and you've read five books?  Two of which were novellas?  Really?!?!

Me:  You know I do have other obligations besides reading.

Lemon DropAhem.

Me:  And you.

Lemon Drop:  Like there is anything more important that me!  Pshaw!

Me:  OK, properly chastised.  I'll do better next month.

Lemon Drop:  You better.  My public demands it!

Me: Oh brother.

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