Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Month That Was August 2013

Me: Whatcha doin' peanut?

Lemon Drop:  Digging in this sandbox, trying to find your mojo Auntie Wendy.

Me: What, just because I can't seem to blog consistently at the moment?

Lemon Drop:  At all.  You can't seem to blog AT ALL at the moment Auntie Wendy.  My public - she awaits!

Me: Drama Queen much?  You know, you could start your own blog.

Lemon Drop:  Ahem.  I'm three.  I can't even spell.

Me:  Well, neither can I!  It didn't stop me!  You keep digging, and I'll tell you about what I read last month.  Well, sort of....

Title links will take you to full reviews

Contest reads I can't talk about just yet (all 2012, links take you to Amazon):

The Dirty Girls Book Club by Susanna Fox - Contemporary Erotic Romance
Such A Rush by Jennifer Echols - Contemporary Young Adult
Nanny For the Millionaire's Twins by Susan Meier - Contemporary, Harlequin Romance
Do You Believe In Magic? by Susan Squires - Paranormal Romance
In Rides Trouble by Julie Ann Walker - Romantic Suspense
A Taste for Scandal by Erin Knightley - Historical Romance
Worth The Risk by Robin Bielman - Contemporary Novella, Entangled Ever After
A Light in the Window by Julie Lessman - Historical Inspirational Romance
Sea Change by Karen White - Contemporary, Romantic Elements

Now, on to books that I can (and did) talk about!

To Sin With A Viking by Michelle Willingham - Harlequin Historical, 2013, Grade = B-

  • His arranged marriage imploding, the hero finds twu wuv with a half-starved Irish gal whose younger brother kidnapped the hero's wife.  Sounds unsavory, but the author handles the angst well.  Plus, the wife is getting her own romance early next year.

Training The Receptionist by Juniper Bell - Erotic romance novella, 2010, Samhain, Grade = B+

  • It requires you to completely kick reality out the door, but I really enjoyed this first novella in a trilogy featuring an aimless 20-something who takes the world's kinkiest receptionist job.  

Let Me Go by Chelsea Cain - Suspense, 2013, Minotaur, Grade = B

  • Latest book in series featuring a painkiller popping homicide detective and the female serial killer who loves to toy with him.  I inhaled it, and not sorry I read it, but not as enjoyable as some of the others in the series.

Roping The Wrangler by Lacy Williams - Love Inspired Historical, 2013, Grade = B-

  • A sweet historical western that finds a schoolmarm and a man from her past getting thrown together to help out three underprivileged kidlets.  Warm, fuzzy, but felt the wrap-up with the villain left too many dangling threads.

Lemon Drop:  Thirteen books?!?  You lost your mojo because you've had your nose in a dang book all month long.

Me: More like Auntie Wendy went on vacation and now she's trying to readjust to being back in her cruel, cruel reality.

Lemon Drop: Now who's the drama queen?

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