Friday, August 30, 2013

Yeah, One Of Those Posts

Don't you just hate those bloggers who write posts whining about how busy they are and how they have had no time to update their blog?


I had a glorious time visiting family and friends in Michigan, gorged myself on reading, and wasn't anywhere near my office for about 10 days.  Which means that when I got back to said office?

Um, yeah.  It's been kind of like that.

Hence, no blog posting from Wendy.

Not that I don't have ideas.  I've got scads of ideas! 

Just no time to actually, you know, write up said ideas.

But the good news?  We've got a long weekend here in the States and yours truly is almost done with her contest judging! 

Groove thang isn't found, but currently visible on the horizon, and hopefully things will be back to normal around here soon.

1 comment:

Kathryn T. said...

I would imagine that the reading for the contest judging would be quite a commitment.