Friday, May 17, 2013

The Month That Was April 2013

Me: Well look who is Queen For A Day!  April was someone's happy birthday month, wasn't it?

Lemon Drop: What do you mean, Queen For A Day? 

Me: Just that you had a birthday this past month, and I'm sure you got all kinds of nice presents and cards and even had a birthday dinner with Memaw and Papaw....

Lemon Drop:  What do you mean, Queen For A Day?

Me: Ohhhhhkay then.  Um, how about we belatedly celebrate your birthday with the knowledge that Aunt Wendy kept chugging through the Reading Slump From Hell?  Only five books, but I'm like the Little Engine That Could!

Title links will take you to full reviews

The Magic Of His Touch by Barbara Monajem - Historical romance short story ebook, Harlequin Historical Undone, 2013, Grade = B-
  • Plain Jane heroine desperate to avoid aunt's matchmaking decides to perform May Day ritual to unmask her one true love.  She ends up catching the eye of the hero, who is Pretend-Engaged to her cousin.  A farcical bit of fluff with some charm.
Bewitched By His Kiss by Barbara Monajem - Historical romance short story ebook, Harlequin Historical Undone, 2013, Grade = D
  • Heroine who thinks superstitious folklore is a bunch of nonsense falls for Magical Thinking hero.  Liked both these characters in first story, but in their own romance they annoyed me.  Also, the whole "magical thinking" thing on the hero's part smacks of "soul mates" which I abhor!
Seducing the Duchess by Ashley March - Historical romance, Signet, 2010, Grade = B+
  • After three years in a loveless, sham marriage the heroine is determined to get a divorce.  The fly in the ointment?  The hero has just realized he's in love with his wife.  A book not without flaws, but I loved the combative, sparring dialogue and the fact that the heroine gave as good as she got.
Hurricane Lily by Rebecca Rogers Maher - Contemporary romance novella, Self-Published, 2013, Grade = B
  • Working class hero falls for neurotic poor little rich girl.  Loved the baggage, loved that the characters were class-conscious, and liked that not all their issues were solved thanks to the power of amazing sex.  A good, solid story.
A Time For Change by Aimee & David Thurlo - Contemporary romantic suspense, Tor, 2013, Grade = C-
  • A slog of a read.  Hero returns home after his father is murdered and reunites with the girl who broke his heart in high school.  Interesting heroine, but a hero who suffers from PMS.  I also found the tone of this story all over the frickin' place.  One minute it's a dark, gritty suspense, the next it's a cutesy-wootsy small town romance.  Good Southwest flavor and interesting suspense, but not much else.
Lemon Drop: I am Queen Of Everything All The Time!!!!!!  Just ask Mommy.

Me: Look, kiddo - it's good that you have a healthy self-esteem and all, but nobody likes a self-absorbed prima donna.

Lemon Drop: Says the woman who routinely bills herself as "Queen Librarian Of The Universe."

Me: I have no idea what you're talking about....

Mutter, mutter, dammit.

Outwitted by a three-year-old.

Lemon Drop:  Again.

Me: Sigh


Keishon said...

I love these monthly review round ups even if I don't always comment. Did you get an arc yet for the new Chelsea Cain this fall? I'm counting on a review from you.

Wendy said...

Keishon: So far, no ARC. I struck out with my first "go to" source. I'll definitely read it - but may have to wait for release date when I can buy it.

nath said...

Seriously, she's so adorable.