Friday, April 12, 2013

Reminder: TBR Challenge For April

For those of you participating in the 2013 TBR Challenge, this is a reminder that your "commentary" is due on Wednesday, April 17.

The theme this month is New-To-You Author.  Picking a book out of your TBR pile by an author you've never read before.  However remember, the themes are totally and completely optional.  If you find yourself needing a little comfort, and want to go with reading an author you've read countless times before?  That's totally cool!  The themes aren't important - it's the act of reading something, anything!, that has been lying neglected in your TBR pile.

And hey, look at that - it's only April!  And it's certainly never too late to sign up for the challenge.  Details and more information can be found here.  You'll also find a list of the current participants, should you wish to follow along.

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nath said...

Going to try to make it ^_^;