Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random Romance Sunday: RIP Beverly Barton

The BookYankee Lover by Beverly Barton

The Particulars: Contemporary romance, Silhouette Desire #580, 1990, Out of Print

The Blurb:

John Mason knew better than to make a wager with a lady. Ladies, he'd learned, didn't play fair. But the chance to win a date with the sultry Southern belle perched daintily in the county fair's dunking booth made the bet worth taking.

Experience had taught Laurel Drew harsh lessons about hard-living macho types like the big blond Yankee with the good throwing arm. Pity that didn't still the drumroll vibrating through her body at his touch.

The verbal sparks that flew between them threatened to start another Civil War. But John had a few battle tactics he hoped might warm the sudden chill in the air -- AND provide some much needed Southern comfort.
Any Reviews?:  There's one lonely lil' two star review over at Amazon.  The average rating over at GoodReads is 3.4.

Anything Else?:  Barton passed away unexpectedly this past week at the age of 64.  An author with over 70 novels under her belt, I would hazard a guess that she's most well known for her romantic suspense work.  But I thought today, in honor of her achievements, it would be fun to profile the book that started it all for her.  Her debut.  This slim lil' contemporary category for the Desire line.  Also, I'll admit it, I think this cover is a hoot.  The hero's hair defies logic.  I mean, Ken dolls have more realistic hair.  And exactly what is the heroine wearing below the waist?  Is that a tutu?  Are they preforming Swan Lake in the shower?  

You know, I think My Man would have enjoyed Black Swan more if there had been shower scenes.  Just sayin'.


*Goddess* said...

And why oh why didn't they air brush that woman's waist and hips to make them several sizes smaller?! We simply cannot have a model who has hips on the cover!!

Keishon said...

Oh wow, I had no idea she passed away. So sorry to hear that. I've never read her r/s either.

Marie Thérèse said...

It's Chuck Connors from 'The Rifleman' with Ken doll hair! The resemblance is amazing! (I am not even going to speculate on that odd lavender two-piece combo the heroine is wearing. I think it defies fashion history as we currently know it.)

Very sorry to hear of Barton's death. I don't believe I've read anything by her either.

Wendy said...

Goddess: I actually like the hips, but they could have defined her waist a bit more....

Keishon: I've got a couple of hers in the TBR. Because it seems I have at least a couple of everybody's books in the TBR. There's a romantic suspense theme in the TBR Challenge (October). Should dig one of those out then!

Marie: OMG - It IS Chuck Connors! LOL - the resemblance is amazing!

nath said...

Awwww, so sad to hear about Beverly Barton passing away :(

It's a skirt, Wendy :) A flow-y skirt...

Dr J said...

It's always sad to note the passing of an author who contributed so much historically to the romance genre. Those early book covers reflect the hide-bound attitudes toward love and romance, but Beverly always seemed to just be herself, even with the editorial censors looking over her shoulders. I know I appreciated her style way back when.

marelou said...

Oh my. . . I didn't know about her passing. I got hooked on her Sihouettes way back when. I still have most of them and I think i have this one, as well. She's who got me started with Linda Winstead Jones and Linda Howard.