Friday, October 15, 2010

OK, So I Lied

Yeah, yeah - Yankees playing the Rangers, blah blah blah. The talk here in the Bat Cave is Giants vs. Phillies. Game 1 of the NLCS. Roy "Doc" Halladay vs. Shaggy Pothead Highon Timmy Tim Lincecum. People, listen to me. Pitching match-ups this good don't even happen in Hollywood scripts. That's how full of awesome this is.

What does this have to do with reading, romance novels, and/or Romance Bloglandia? Well, nothing other than the fact that Wendy lied and is talking baseball again.

Oh, and the roof could blow off Phyl's house tomorrow, the living room furniture could spontaneously combust and a pack of Fabio wannabes could be discovered living in her attic, and she won't notice or give a damn about any of it.


(And because this game is the talk of well...just about everywhere right now, it's probably doomed to be jinxed all to Hell. But I hope it isn't. Because dang, on paper this is so freakin' awesome.)


Phyl said...

That is a great picture!

And it's so nice when my friends understand me :-)

This might be one of those games with a 1-0 final score, and trust me, it will NOT be boring! GO PHILS!!!

Anonymous said...

Around here, we call him The Freak. In the nicest possible way. Although I am a die-hard Dodgers fan, and never one to want the Giants to win ANYTHING, I have to admit it is cool to have local playoff games. How much cooler would it be to host the World Series? Yeah, go Giants.

Debora said...

Go Big Roy, Go Phils!

Mayberry Mom said...

I HATE the Yankees!

Sorry, had to say that. :)

nath said...

So, when's the match? :P

Wendy said...

Phyl: Found that picture on one of the Yahoo sports blogs :)

Sonoma: I've taken to calling him Timmy, which has gotten me reprimanded by My Man who considers Tim Hudson as the one true Timmy. So now he's Shaggy :) Zoinks!

Debora: We're pulling for Roy tonight, even though technically we have no pony in this race.

Mayberry: LOLOL! The consensus in the Bat Cave is the Yanks win the whole enchilada now - but the Rangers are making them work!

Nath: Game is going on right now, as I type this :)

Mayberry Mom said...

Wendy: I'm sure the Yankees will win the whole thing, but I am so SICK of them winning it. How many times in the last 15-20 yrs have they won the World Series?!

Oh yeah, the Rangers schooled them tonight! That was fun to watch!! (I'm evil, I know, but the last time my team was in the World Series, I was 9 years old...and I'm 37 now!!)

Lynn said...

Now that my team is out (no surprise there) I'm rooting for Texas. Glad to see they won today! No fan of the Yankees since they took my team out-the Twins really have to get over their mental block when it comes to the postseason.

Hilcia said...

Phyl you and I are both down tonight, but there's always the next game. ;P

I couldn't watch the Phils vs. Giants game because the cable company in the NY/NJ area is blacked OUT! Sooo I saw the score only. Couldn't even watch it on the internet!

Phyl said...

Well that hurt! At least we got a few knocks of The Freak. Honestly, the Giants are a much better team than the pundits say. And if the Phils win tonight, I fully expect this series to go 6 or 7 games.

Hilcia, I heard about the cable dispute in NY. Folks will really be screaming if they miss their football today. Hope they work it out!