Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Romance Sunday: Three Wives And A Baby

The Book: Just Deserts by Brenda Jackson

The Particulars: Contemporary Romance, Kimani Romance, 2008, In Print

The Blurb:

Learning that her estranged husband has passed away is the biggest shock of Danielle Timberlake-Foster's life - until she learns that she wasn't his only wife.

Though Danielle and Marc were separated, she believed they were about to reconcile and start a family. Rocked by betrayal, Danielle sees her dreams slipping away. Until her brother's best friend, Tristan Adams, offers support, comfort - and a chance to have the child she's always wanted.

Danielle is drawn to Tristan's strong, sensual nature, but she wed Marc in haste and regretted it. Is she about to repeat her mistake? Or will a marriage of convenience turn into the soulful union she's always longed for?

Is It In Wendy's TBR?: I have a couple of books by Jackson in my TBR, but not this one.

Any Reviews?: RT gave it a 4 1/2 star rating:
...the final installment of the Foster Wives stories, is the dessert after a fine meal. Brenda Jackson's gift for storytelling easily shines through characters with multilayered personalities, a plot that leaves no room for error and an entertaining story.
Anything Else?: This is book three in a multi-author trilogy. The other books are The Perfect Man by Carla Fredd and This Time For Good by Carmen Green.

I am easily confused, but this title baffles me. Deserts? Not Desserts? Wonder if it makes more sense after reading the book....

Oh and that cover? Yummers!


Leah Braemel said...

Wendy -- yes, the saying truly is 'just deserts' with the single S (as in deserved) though many ppl think it should have be desserts (like a sweet treat)

Phyllis said...

...and it took me until i was 40 to find this out. Just deserts for my arrogance about grammar right? ;)

marelou said...

Just Deserts?? the first thing that came to mind is --that's a huuuge typo or this couple likes doing in dry, arid, sandy places. . .

Marianne McA said...

I'd have thoughts 'desserts' too. So, having read Leah's comment, I googled to find out more. From

"Deserts, in the sense of 'things deserved' has been used in English since at least the 13th century. A citation in which it is linked with 'just' comes from 1599, in Warning Faire Women:

"Upon a pillory - that al the world may see, A just desert for such impiety."

With this phrase it isn't the origin that is interesting though, but the spelling. I am often contacted by people pointing out that 'just deserts' is misspelled. They go to great lengths to explain why it should be 'just desserts'. They are wrong, but perhaps understandably so.

- Deserts is now almost always used in reference to desolate and arid regions of land. Its use to mean 'that which is deserved' is now largely limited to this single phrase.

- Desserts - the last or sweet course of a meal - is widely used and is pronounced the same way as the deserts in 'just deserts'.

So, when hearing the phrase with the pronunciation like 'desserts', people think it must be spelled that way too. The spelling might be more intuitive if we thought of the phrase as 'what you justly deserve'. "

Good to know.

Wendy said...

Ah ha! Now, see - this I did not know - so thanks to Leah The Writer for chiming in and Marianne for doing the leg-work.

When it comes to grammar and spelling, I'm the worst. Which will come as no shock to anyone who has read this blog for even a brief sliver of time.

Heh - I wonder how much reader mail Ms. Jackson and Harlequin got about that title? Probably more than enough :)

Rosario said...

I never knew that, either, I'll now try to use it soon and impress people with my knowledge of English when they try to correct me :-)

The book itself actually sounds pretty good. Might read it!

Jill Sorenson said...

Timberlake? No! Blurb sounds good, though.

Wendy said...

Rosario: I don't feel so badly now because my Lil' Sis THE ENGLISH TEACHER didn't realize it either. Who knew that this RRS feature would educate as well as entertain?

Jill: But don't you think that cover is bringing sexy back? Ha!

Jill Sorenson said...

LOL--it is! Good one.