Friday, December 18, 2009

Northern Girl

I've been a pretty terrible blogger of late, and I'm popping in just in time to say - I leaving for my annual trek back home to Michigan tomorrow morning. My plane lands around 6PM, which means by about 7PM I'll probably be whining about how cold I am.

Five years of living in So. Cal. means I'm completely incapable of dealing with real weather anymore. And really, if I'm honest - it didn't take all five of those years. I pretty much turned wuss after year one.

Hopefully that real weather will cooperate long enough for me to go out and have some fun while I'm home visiting the family. Friends to see, bars to hop, shopping to do, the usual revelry.

I'm going to try to keep up with my blogging while I'm home, especially since I'm grossly overdue with a book review. I also hope to keep up with my Google Reader. Now as for commenting, kerfuffles and on-going discussions? Yeah, forget about it. I just don't see it happening. But it's the holidays right? Surely the kerfuffles will take a vacation. Won't they?

See ya when I hit the snow.


Amy said...

Have a safe and fun trip, Wendy! Party hearty with the fam!

Leslie said...

Hope you have a beautiful white Christmas and stay warm. :)

Wendy said...

Well it's definitely a white Christmas here so far.

Trip went just fine. Got hung up at O'Hare (naturally) because they were backed up thanks to canceled East coast flights.

Kelly in Hockeytown said...

Are you more in mid to upper Michigan then? Because metro-Detroit only has about 2 inches of snow. If even that much.

Wendy said...

Kelly: I'm in the southwest part of the state. Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Kalamazoo - over that way. I'd say there's probably around 6 inches of snow here. Give or take an inch or two.

I'm a bit concerned about getting back to Cali. They're saying rain/snow on Christmas Day (blergh) and my flight out of town is scheduled for early Saturday morning (the 26th).

~ames~ said...

Safe travels Wendy!! Hope you have a good visit. :P

nath said...

Wow, you got lucky making it, Wendy! :) Hope you won't be stuck there longer than necessary :)

So how cold is it?

Wendy said...

Nath: Pretty average temperatures of this time of year. Around 30 degrees F. We've seen some snow - but mostly just flurries.

I really only got hung-up flying through Chicago O'Hare - and that was mostly because of all the canceled East coast flights. They were backed-up.