Friday, August 21, 2009

The Great Western Drive: Upcoming Releases!

Hopefully after three solid days of book recommendations, y'all aren't too exhausted to learn about even more books! Today I thought I would highlight some of the upcoming historical westerns, slated for release this year, that I'm really looking forward to. Because, you know, we can always add more books to our shopping lists. Right? Here it goes:

Never Love A Lawman by Jo Goodman (ISBN 9781420101751, $6.99, Zebra, September 1, 2009) - Jo Goodman has been writing for a long time, and she happens to be one of Kristie's favorite authors. Other than that, why is this book notable? Because Goodman's last several (several) books have been English set. She's temporarily leaving England for....a western! Somebody hold me back!

Rachel Bailey may seem like just a beautiful newcomer to most of Reidsville, Colorado, but Sheriff Wyatt Cooper knows she's much more. Through a twist of fate, Rachel is the inheritor of a very valuable commodity: control of the railway that's keeps the isolated mining town connected to the world. That is, she will be, if she agrees to the surprising stipulation in her benefactor's will - that she marry Wyatt.

Rachel has no choice: refusing the marriage could put all of Reidsville in the hands of an outsider - and not just any outsider, but the cruel tyrant she has come here to escape. Yet living with Wyatt will be her greatest challenge. For he has a tempting way about him that makes Rachel forget theirs is a marriage in name only - until her frightening past shows up to remind them exactly how much they have at stake...

Texas Wedding For Their Baby's Sake by Kathryn Albright (ISBN, 9780373295616, $5.99, Harlequin Historical, September 1, 2009) - In a bid to drive me insane, Harlequin has taken to slapping inane Harlequin Presents-style titles on their historicals. For the love of all that is holy - please stop! Anywho, this is a sequel to The Rebel And The Lady and features the wayward brother from that book as the hero. Can't wait!

Brandon Dumont is not the man he was. Embittered by war, he's now a rugged survivor, a broken hero. Certain he's not fit for society, he finds his lonely self-imposed exile shattered by the arrival of the woman he once bedded and left behind.

Since her fiancé went to war, social butterfly Caroline Benét has had to grow up fast. She's held up a stagecoach at gunpoint and left the safety of Charleston for wild Texas territory—all to find a man she no longer knows…for the sake of their unborn child….

A Cowboy Christmas by Janette Kenny (ISBN 9781420106589, $5.99, Zebra, October 6, 2009) - I keep asking Santa for a cowboy for Christmas and every year the fat man keeps denying me. Bastard!


Reid Barclay doesn’t have time for Christmas, not with trouble brewing at the Crown Seven Ranch. He’s got prize thoroughbreds to protect, and an long-ago wrong that he wants to make right. But the beautiful cook who’s taken over the ranch kitchen is a welcome distraction, even if Ellie Jo Cade burns everything from gingerbread to roast beef. Her sweet face and womanly figure are pure temptation…

Cornhusk angels…bright berry garlands…spun-sugar snow—everything about Christmas holds fond memories for Ellie Jo. She’s doing her best to make peace with an ornery wood-burning stove and make the old ranch house truly festive. All she wants is to believe in Reid…and the only-at-Christmas magic that makes hearts glow…

The Lone Texas by Jodi Thomas (ISBN 9780425230626, $7.99, Berkley, October 6, 2009) - I am so grossly behind on Jodi Thomas' westerns, it's not even funny. This is another entry in her Whispering Mountain series.

Three days after arriving in Galveston, newly widowed Sage McMurray finds herself taken hostage in a robbery. She fears she may never see Whispering Mountain again when the outlaws decide to auction their pretty captive off to the highest bidder, until a tall stranger offers twice the highest bid.

Destiny's Captive by Kate Lyon (ISBN 9780843962833, $6.99, Leisure, October 27, 2009) - OK, I loved Hope's Captive and this new book has been years in the making. Thank the good Lord she got a better cover for this book. However they did decide to slap a cover quote on the front from a idiot reviewer comparing her to the "greats" like Cassie Edwards! Argh!!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!!


Sigh, oh well. Still can't wait to read it.

Angelina Sanchez didn’t hold much stock in men. The ones who weren’t slimy fortune hunters weren’t interested in a young lady who would rather spend time with her horses than flirt. But when she saw a handsome stranger in town, there was an instant connection, a spark of familiarity like nothing she’d ever felt. And no matter how fiercely her father warned her away from Jeremiah Baldwin, nothing could have kept her from his side.


When her father had him beaten and left for dead, Angel’s soft hands and sweet voice coaxed Jeremiah to stay, to fight. In her arms, it seemed he’d finally found a place to belong. But how could he protect her when it was her father who’d led the raid that had slaughtered his family? His spirit guides had told him he would feel true joy only if he made peace with his greatest sorrow. But unless he could find a way to win Angelina’s heart without forsaking his family, he would remain…

Alaskan Renegade by Kate Bridges (ISBN 9780373295685, $5.99, Harlequin Historical, November 1, 2009) - Bridges tends to a consistent read for me, and I love that she's firmly rooted in Alaska for her westerns. This one sounds pretty good.

When the Skagway town nurse, Victoria Windhaven, sets off on a dangerous medical journey through the Alaskan wilderness, she is forced to ride with a man from her past--hired bodyguard Brant MacQuaid.

And last but not least? One of my very favorite writers, Cheryl St. John has a new Harlequin Historical title slated for release in December! Unfortunately, I don't know a darn thing about it yet, but in the meantime, here are the bare bones:

Her Colorado Man by Cheryl St. John (ISBN 9780373295715, $5.99, Harlequin Historical, December 1, 2009)

And those are some of the western releases slated for the rest of 2009 I'm looking forward to.

What's on tap for tomorrow? It's The Last Day! Whew!


Kristie (J) said...

The Jo Goodman - well she is going to get a special mention from me tomorrow - so Hell to the Yes on this one!!
I have me the Kathryn Albright already *g*
I *gulp* don't read Christmas stories so I'll pass on the Kenny book.
I'm way behind on Jodi Thomas too - I have all the books in the series so I'll be adding this one too though.
And Destiny's Captive - *shiver* You were the one who introduced me to her and I can hardly wait myself - though the cover quote - it is bad.
So yup - I'm looking forward to quite a few too.

Emily said...

I meet Kenny at a conference a year ago and she is just the sweetest woman. And her books are just great.

I'm really looking forward to Goodman, of course and I love Jodi Thomas. I was wondering when we'd get to Sage. Wendy, you've been suggesting books to us all week now I suggest you go out and get the Whispering Mountain series. Trust me, you'll love 'em.

Emily said...

BTW, I am horrified, HORRIFIED at that Harlequin title. It gives me the hebbie jebbies. Ugh. Poor author. If you hadn't previewed it here, there'd be no way I would ever even think about picking it up.

azteclady said...

Wendy, you are determined to spread the TBR anxiety, aren't you?


*writes down*

Wendy said...

Emily: Oh silly girl. I have the Whispering Mountain books....just haven't read them yet. I know, I know. Kristie is forever nagging me about the books I have languishing in Ye Olde TBR.

I am beyond curious over Harlequin's sales figures. Are the historicals with the inane titles selling better than the historicals with the less migraine-inducing titles? Color me curious.

AL: Why should I be the only one to suffer from Crushing TBR Anxiety? I like to share :)

cheryl c said...

I have always cringed at the Harlequin Presents titles! I can't believe that they are putting one on a historical.

All the books sound good, though. I am especially looking forward to the Jodi Thomas book.

Kristie, you might want to pick up an historical Christmas book sometime. Besides the heartwarming stories, you get to find out about the holiday customs during that time period. There are usually some good Christmas anthologies that could give you a taste of Christmas western historicals.

Barbara said...

Destiny's Captive looks goooooood!

Wendy said...

Cheryl: I've been working on her - but Kristie might be a lost cause when it comes to Christmas books.

I'm a complete sucker for Christmas-themed romances - both historicals and contemporaries! I buy a ton of them every year it seems.

Barbara: You do need to read Kate Lyon! I think you'd really like Hope's Captive, and she has another book....Time's Captive that is a time travel. Kristie read it and enjoyed it. I have it buried in my TBR....somewhere.....

sybil said...

Never Love a Lawman is fabu. I was scared at first because I so wanted to love it and figured it was a sure sign that I would hate it.

Jo Goodman is not a 'fast' read or a 'quick' read but she is one you sit down to enjoy the ride. And this time she takes you to the west with one of her amazing heroes with a heroine that can match him. GREAT book.

Texas Wedding... HORRID title so far good book. I was about half way through it and saw it in the store yesterday. So I bought one too, prolly send on my review copy to one of the TGTBTU reviewers.

A Cowboy Christmas by Janette Kenny this is on the way I think is what the publisher told me last week but honestly I can't recall if I read her first one. I know I have it.

LOL haven't read DC yet but uh... YAY we are getting it do you think I can read it without reading the first one because I was flipping through it and don't know if I ever did read the first one.


Never read Jodi Thomas but mean too and the Cheryl St.John is on my soon to be read list. What I have read of it, it is going to be grand.

Great books to keep an eye out for!

Wendy said...

Sybil: I had to go through my e-mails because Lyon kept me "in the loop" when word came down that Leisure was going to publish this new book. I'm going to quote part of her e-mail here:

"It's a spin-off of my first book, Time's Captive, but it's a historical, not a time-travel. It's the story of Chikoba, the white captive turned Comanche warrior, who must return to white society when the Comanche surrender, and is set in central Texas, 1875."

So yeah, it is connected to another one of her books - but not Hope's Captive which I recommended this week. The impression I got from her e-mail? It's a loose connection to Time's Captive, so it should stand alone just fine.

Karen W. said...

Ooh, some great books coming out! I especially can't wait to get my hands on the Jo Goodman!

Virginia said...

I love me some historical western and you have a great group of books here!

cheryl c said...

Wendy, since we are trying to convince Kristie to read a Christmas book, maybe that could be a future topic. We could list our favorite historical and contemporary Christmas books.

Maureen said...

I am looking forward to the Jo Goodman book because she is such a great writer. I didn't realize Kate Lyon had a new book coming out, I have to remember that.

Kate Lyon said...

Wendy, Kristie, Sybil, I just can't tell you how thrilled I am by your Great Western Drive! And I'm humbled and grateful to read that you're looking forward to reading Destiny's Captive.
To help promote the Drive, I'll send magnets and bookmarks to anyone who sends me a message at kate at katelyon dot net. with the subject: New Cover.
Thanks for sharing your love of westerns. Just for the record, my all-time favorite (a very tough choice) is Love, Cherish Me, by Rebecca Brandewyne. The hero...let's just say he still keeps me awake nights.