Thursday, January 22, 2009

Because The Pretty And Shiny Amuses Me

For those of who read this blog the "old fashioned way" or if you've wandered over here from your feed reader, you might have noticed a new widget on my sidebar. It shows some of the cover art I've uploaded to my Upcoming Historical Romances wiki that I talk about on occasion, but that doesn't do all the great in the "hits" department. Traffic usually spikes after I mention it's existence on the blog, and then y'all seem to forget about it. So what's on this wiki you ask?

I do my best to scour my Top Secret Librarian Resources to compile upcoming titles in historical romance. Once the cover art appears on Amazon, I also upload it to the wiki because - I'll admit it - I'm a huge ho for cover art. I cannot get enough talk, discussion, snark etc. about cover art. Love it too pieces. Plus I like looking at the pretty and the shiny, even when some poor author gets slapped with a truly horrendous man-titty clinch cover.

Right now on the site? Starting with the January 2009 releases, mouse over any of the covers to see the official laydown date for the book. Also, you'll find nuggets of information like the fact that Carla Kelly's next Harlequin Historical release, The Surgeon's Lady is set for a June 2009 release date. Beth Williamson, who has published several westerns with Samhain, makes her debut over at Kensington Brava in March with The Education of Madeline. And for Georgette Heyer fans? Look for even more reprints thanks to Harlequin and Sourcebooks!

Also, check out the cover goodness!

Yeah, I totally dig Headless People covers. So sue me. But look at the colors! Aren't they purdy? And who doesn't love the anticipation of future book releases? It's like being a kid again and waiting for Christmas morning to hurry up and get here already.

So wander on over and take a look. And y'all come back now, ya hear?

Disclaimer: My wiki is not exhaustive. I don't include ebooks (for my own sanity), and I try my best to highlight reprints and all new print releases. But inevitably I miss a few titles here and there. This wiki mostly exists for my own amusement, and in the hopes that someone else will find it useful. There's no one helping me do this, and I'm not perfect. But I'll continue to do the best I can.


December said...

I love headless people too. The pretty dresses!! Swoon!
I actually have your other Wiki flagged, because I love knowing the upcoming releases. But being a sales monkey, and not a librarian, The Man frowns on me scouring the interwes all day for news.

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

I really do love the covers with the ladies all in their pretty dresses.
As for headless mens with abs of steel- "meh"

Barbara said...

Oh, I LOVE these covers!!!!

Lori said...

Hey - just sayin'... I've had your upcoming historical releases wiki in my Google Reader for months now. Ever since you launched it. AND I had the old one, too. I even reference it when I'm looking to see what I want to go get. SO there!

But you're right. The covers are indeed purty.

Victoria Janssen said...

As a side note, your wiki has been very helpful in helping me to spend my money!

Tracy said...

I love the headless men covers - or headless except for their lips. I love lips. lol

I love all the colors too. I think I would have loved to live back with all those beautiful dresses. But then, I would miss my jeans. :)

C2 said...

Yay! More people who dig headless covers - I thought I was the only one. :-D

Wendy said...

December: Your man sounds quite cruel! LOL Not letting you scour the interwebs all day long....

Katie: Yeah, I should clarify. I love headless chick covers - but I'm rather indifferent on headless abs of steel men. That being said, if it's a choice between the millionth Nathan Kamp cover or headless beefcake, I'm taking headless beefcake every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

Barbara: I know! Sigh, pretty, pretty dresses!

Lori: I have no been properly put in my place ;)

Victoria: Gah! I still have your December Spice book in the TBR. Must. Get. Reading! I am SO behind!

Tracy: I think I would like those dresses too - although the idea of wearing a corset all day, every day doesn't hold a ton of appeal LOL.

C2: When the book covers feature headless people, one is spared from smug looking cover models.

Kate R said...

Pretty. I'm liking those more and more. Better that those watery flower or jewelry things that looks like a tampon box cover. . . but they all look sort of regency-set to me and I thought you had an allergic reaction to the regency?

Wendy said...

Kate: Doesn't mean I don't think Regencies get pretty covers! LOL

Actually, my burn out on Regency settings seems to be lifting. I'm not ready to open the flood gates yet, but I'm definitely on the road to recovery. I read 10 Regency-set books last year, which was a HUGE increase from year's past where I maybe (maybe) read one or two.

Now, my latest case of burn out seems to be paranormals. Sigh. Hopefully this too shall pass.....

Rosie said...

It's been forever since I browsed and filled up er...plumped up my TBB list. I had a great time over on your Wiki site. Put it in Google REader??? Why haven't I done that?

Barbs said...

my dh commented on all books I have with headless people on the cover LOL he is right, isn't he?

I like most covers even the cartoony ones LOL I'm not too
choosey except for the titles not that I can come up with better but...LOL