Friday, December 19, 2008

It's All About The Books

Today is the day before I leave for the Family Christmas Extravaganza back home in Michigan. This means several things. One, I'm currently cleaning and doing laundry. Two, I have to hit the grocery store for My Man (Who is staying behind in CA. Yeah, I know - it sucks, but that's just the way it had to be this year). Three, I've got my Sony Reader ready to roll!

This marks the first trip I've taken with my Sony Reader, and let me tell you how excited I am to not have to bring a carry-on bag loaded down with books! Yippee! Besides my $5.99 copy of Scarpetta, I thought it would be fun to share some of the other goodies I currently have loaded and ready for my reading enjoyment while I'm stuck in various airports.

Pictures Of Us by Amy Garvey, Harlequin SuperRomance. I bought this one out of curiosity. Garvey has written several light, fluffy contemporaries for Brava. The HSR line? Not light and fluffy. For the most part HSR stories are more issue and family oriented. I've enjoyed a couple of her Brava titles, and frankly I'm intrigued by this one if only to see if she can pull off a different "tone."

The Viscount Claims His Bride by Bronwyn Scott, Harlequin Historical. OK, if you've been reading this blog for any stretch of time you've probably figured out I'm a massive ho for HH books. This book is connected to the author's recent Harlequin Historical Undone story, which I read and enjoyed, so I thought I'd try it.

A Man She Couldn't Forget by Kathryn Shay, Harlequin SuperRomance. I almost didn't buy this one. Why? It features an amnesia plot and has the love triangle stink on it. Wendy doesn't do amnesia plots and Wendy really hates love triangles. Sigh, but it's Kathryn Shay. I have loved many of her HSR titles. So for her, I'll try a book with an amnesia plot and the love triangle stink.

High Seas Stowaway by Amanda McCabe, Harlequin Historical. Another book I bought because of an HH Undone story. Again, it's loosely connected to an Undone title I read and enjoyed. Also, this one takes place in the Caribbean, and the different setting intrigues me.

Die Before I Wake by Laurie Breton. I read a very positive review for this recently in Publisher's Weekly and it intrigued me. It's one of those Woman Marries Man After Whirlwind Courtship And Finds Out His First Wife Died Under Mysterious Circumstances books. I wanted to bring a suspense novel along in the event I get tired of reading too much lovey-dovey stuff. This one fit the bill.

As for blogging while I'm away? I probably won't be as prolific as I've been of late, but I should be able to pop in now and again.


Sayuri said...

I Hope you enjoy your books and your playing with your ereader.

I have tried to get into the HSR but I just haven't found one that I like so far. I won a heap of them in a comp and bought a few morwe whose covers called out to me. I'm hoping I will overcome my distaste of the line before my favouirte Blaze author (Sarah Mayberry) publishes her first HSR.

Hope you have a great visit.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Alie said...

Have a great time in Michigan, Wendy! I hope you're looking forward to snow because I know that here in Ontario (Canada) we got a lot today!

Lil Sis said...

Dang woman! How much reading are you planning to do while home. I'm taking three books and that's it! Granted, you read on the plane and I sit there praying silently that I don't vomit everywhere! :)

See you in a few days sis-tor! Woo hoo!

Big Sis said...

We cooked up a white Christmas for you here in the Great White North! I think a trip to Echo Valley will be in order. Don't worry, I'm sure you can find cheap long johns at Meijer.
Woo Hooooooo!

little alys said...

Dangit, Wendy, you're getting me into Harlequin Historicals. O_o At least you're pimping books I'm able to get in the US. ;)
Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!

Wendy said...

Sayuri: Two HSR authors for you to try (assuming they're in the stash you won!): I really like Kathryn Shay and Carrie Alexander (who also writes for Blaze).

Alie: Lots of snow here, but the worst of it is the wind. The bitter, cold wind. My Dad's been out to clear the driveway a couple of times today.

Lil' Sis: Well most of them are Harlequins, so shorter page count. That said, I only read one of them on the flight home yesterday. I also had to get some napping in!

Big Sis: I just talked to you! It's cold, but I'm doing OK. I packed my Warm Only Wear Once A Year Michigan clothes.

Alys: Yeah, just ask Rosie. I'm deadly at pimpin' the HH books.