Friday, August 8, 2008

Flash Gordon!

I should have known I wouldn't turn out to be the only superhero in my family. Look what happens when you mate a woman who loves to write letters to the editor with a man who has a graphic novel addiction. You get Flash Gordon!

And how cool is my nephew? He's a superhero who has his own theme song. Granted it's from a truly horrific and terrible movie they made about his life - but nobody's perfect.

No need to thank me for the ear worm folks. Just doing my part.

In other news, I feel the need to publicly apologize to anyone who got sick while at RWA. For all of you who saw me, I felt fine! I just didn't have a voice. Then on Tuesday I woke up with a full-blown head cold. So was I incubating while at RWA? Am I Typhoid Wendy? I don't think so. But I still feel guilty as hell. Feel free to stick pins in your Little Wendy Voodoo Dolls.

I'm off work today, which means I hope I laze around and concentrate on getting healthy. Although I do have a project. I still have my collapsible crate full of books I picked up at RWA I need to do something with. The Boyfriend looked at me this morning; pointed to the crate and said, "Ya gonna do something with those?" To which I cattily replied, "Yeah, like you never leave anything lying around the apartment that I trip over."

Did I mention I morph into Psycho Bitch From Hell when I'm sick?

But he is right (don't tell him that though!). I need to get them cataloged on LibraryThing and put away properly. Which will be my project just as soon as I decide on whether or not I'm physically up to it. Lying on the couch and whining seems to be more my speed of late.


Big Sis said...

My husband has informed me that Flash and Flash Gordon are two different guys. Flash Gordon is the cheezy sci-fi hero of this universe he does not have an alter ego. THE FLASH (your nephew) is from the DC comic universe and is way cooler. The flash's alter ego is Barry Allen (not sure of the spelling there). Anyhoo, consider yourself schooled. I know, it's way more information than even I wanted.

azteclady said...

It wasn't you, Wendy. I have it on good authority that a rather nasty bug is going around over in the West Coast, so it's more likely you caught from some local.

Feel better soonest!

(And that's one cutie kid right there)

Wendy said...

Boy, I'm going to get kicked out of the Bat Cave for not knowing my superheroes. Well at least it's good to know that my nephew is The Flash, and not Flash Gordon. I mean, nobody should have to endure having a crappy movie made about their life, and Flash Gordon (even with the Queen theme song) was a mammoth mountain of crap.

AL: Yeah, I have coworkers who are sick, and even with my mighty Super Librarian cooties I can't believe I infected the office that quickly.

My nephew is the cutest. Nobody can tell me otherwise.

Tracy said...

I hope you feel better Wendy - being sick sucks!

Very cute picture of your nephew!

Portia Da Costa said...

Hope you feel better soon, Wendy! I don't think I have a cold, just the mother and father of all doses of jet lag!

It was really lovely to meet you at the Literacy Signing. Two 'Nympho Librarians' face to face! LOL

Marg said...

So it was you! I have no idea how it got from the US to Australia and then specifically to me, but it did!

Lying on the couch right now sounds perfect to me.

Wendy said...

Portia: One day Nympho Librarians will going to rule the world!

Marg: My Super Librarian germs, they don't know their own strength.

Rosie said...

Wendala, Beanie lurves the FLASH like a fat kid loves cake. FLASH and the GREEN LATERN rule for him. I'm so not going to let him know about your nevvy's cool Flash get up. He'll be in therapy discussing his deprived childhood.

Hope you are feeling better!

Kristie (J) said...

Cute nephew, superheros must run in your family
- and aha!! It was you!! I've felt like crap ever since I got home, wanting to do nothing but sleep - I still haven't even unpacked yet. Now I'm worse and I barely have a voice left. I can't remember the last time I felt this awful.

Sir-Ox-A-Lot said...

How dare you unleash your super kooties on the world. On another note since you are a super hero, that must mean you have an arch enemy...could it be the evil Aesop?

Wendy said...

Rosie: If the worst thing Beanie could discuss in therapy is that his parents denied him a Flash costume....well, you and GG did alright ;-)

Kristie: It gets better, but you need a lot of rest. My super cooties also infected The Boyfriend, but after a weekend of sleeping in, he seems to be on the mend.

Ox: Either the evil Aesop or the evil Post. Hey, Batman has more than one arch can I! Mwhahahahahaha! For the rest of you, just ignore us. Private jokes going back 10 least.