Friday, May 23, 2008

Everything You Were Afraid To Ask

Happy Memorial Day Weekend all of you living in the States! Just in time for the holiday, Southern California weather wigged-out. No joke. It was 100+ degrees last weekend, and today? 60. Maybe. We even got some rain. Just plain wacky.

I sort of checked-out today and didn't hop on my e-mail until late this afternoon, only to discover I had 200 messages. Eep. While wading through them I discovered that Sybil posted my review of His Secret Past by Ellen Hartman, another outstanding May title from Harlequin SuperRomance. Really, it's fantastic. Check it out.

Also, the delightful Sherry Thomas posted an interview with yours truly. Sherry asked me months ago to do this interview for an RWR (that would be RWA's members-only newsletter) article she was writing, and today she posted my interview on her blog. 'Tis a long interview, but if you ever wanted to know some details about my job? Head on over.


Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

WOW Wendy reviewing and interviewing! You are a star. :D
*bowing down*

SandyW said...

Great interview. Your mention of support staff made me curious. What software does your department use to keep track of orders? Is it part of your library software? Just a little research on my part.

I work for the system headquarters of a rural library system in Illinois. Part of my job is training and support of the serials and acquisitions portion of the database. Right now, we are running on a program that is older than dirt (Dynix). It’s text based, but extremely functional. The system is looking to buy a new program that’s Windows based and has all the bells and whistles. My concern is, setting aside the pretty advertising, bells, whistles, etc., will it do what we want it to do. I’m trying to ask questions wherever I can. ;-)

Wendy said...

Sandy: We do our ordering (and the keeping track of it) through our automation system's acquisitions module. This was before my time, but my understanding of the situation back then was that it took a lot of trial/error and tinkering on our part to get it to work for us. This sounds about right, because acq. modules are notoriously "buggy" for a lot of library software vendors. I swear, acq. and serials are the last thing these vendors seem to work on.....

Ahhhh, and Dynix. My employer was running that pre-Super Librarian days. I myself have never used it.