Thursday, April 10, 2008

Steaming Pile Of Awesomeness

I got a one word e-mail from Sybil yesterday, which included an attached e-mail from one of the Bat Cave's favorite authors, Cheryl St. John. Sybil's one word?


Dude is right. What incredible awesomeness did Sybil via Cheryl send me? A web site that lists, in numerical order, with ISBNs, and cover art all the Harlequin Historicals ever published. And, wait for it....

It's current as of April 2008.

If this web site was a candy bar it would be the creamy nougat of awesomeness.

You can see the full list, in all it's glory, here.

But wait, it gets even better....

If you go to the homepage, Mills & Boon Historicals get the same treatment! Plus there are options to jump through the list by year and series number.

The site has apparently been around in various guises over the years, and is currently being run/updated by Gemma, a M&B Historical fan living in Scotland. I think I can speak for all HH lovers out there when I say Gemma is the coolest chick evuh and she totally rocks our socks.

Oh, the treasures to be found, the authors to reminisce about, and the sheer glory of all that old school cover art. I'm especially fond of this gem of the tag-line for Rebellion by Nora Roberts.

"The heart speaks louder than the head...."

Is it just me or does that sound really dirty? What? No one in the HH editorial department back in the day could come up with "The heart speaks louder than the mind?"

Be sure to spend some time in particular browsing the late 1980s, early 1990s when Harlequin was publishing historicals by such names as Kathleen Eagle, Patricia Potter, Nicole Jordan and Elizabeth Lowell. It's a fantastic trip down memory lane, and a serious danger to anyone with an eBay fetish. Words cannot express how awesome the Bat Cave thinks this site is - so massive love to Sybil, my fellow HH addict aficionado and a big, indirect, thanks to Cheryl! Go forth, enjoy, and e-mail Gemma to tell her how awesome she is!


Rosario said...

AWESOME. Gemma rocks (and she'll probably be feeling bewildered when she starts receiving all those emails!)

Rosie said...

I'm all a twitter! I'm late at work reading this and can't wait to get home to bookmark....Ack!!!

sybil said...


I forgot to warn Cheryl about this. heeee and yes it does rock sock doesn't it ;)

Cheryl St.John said...

I spent some serious time there meeself last night, humming nostalgic tunes and gazing lovingly at those vintage covers.

Oh, and I even emailed Gemma two covers of mine that she didn't have in the archives.

You know, we probably own a lot of these between us, don't you think? I have a case and a couple boxes full.

Here are my favorites:
China Star - Karen Keast/Seandra Canfield

that awesome trilogy, The Gentleman, The Yankee, one more somebody help me out please - Kristin James (Candace Camp) Dorothy Glenn (Dorothy Garlock), those wonderful Deloras Scotts - oh and Ruth Jean Dale's Legend which had a Silhouette contemp tie in.

Now I'm thinking about letting the authors of the missing covers know to mail theirs. But I had the OCD under control, so I probably can't do that.

Wendy, I have a little package here all ready to mail out tomorrow...

Michelle Willingham said...

Oh, how cool is that? Thanks for sharing!

Duuuuude. :)

Katiebabs a.k.a KB said...

OMG Wendy that is awesome!!!!
I love, love HH books and now will go look and maybe find some OOP titles I can buy!!
ACK and the TBR list keeps growing and growing....

sybil said...

I am on to wendy's plan here... she isn't on TGTBTU to help us it is just to help her get easy blog material and ARC's.

number of posts on tgtbtu... zero

number of of blog posts to wendy's blog... hmmmm

LOLOL good thing may is gonna redeem your butt. Well and I have seen Connie's handwriting ;).

Wendy said...

OK, Cheryl needs to stay quiet because if she tosses out any more book titles y'all know I'm going to start scrounging eBay!

The vast majority of my HH collection is recent - late 1990s to today. Out of curiosity I looked - the oldest title I own is The Prisoner by Cheryl Reavis which was published in 1992. So I'd bet money that Cheryl's collection is way more impressive than mine!

Drat! Sybil is on to me. Hey, I need all the blog fodder I can get since my reading has slowed to a crawl this week. Must. Get. Motivated. Again.

sybil said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I bet I own some that might be oldish? is that a word? oh wait I don't care

are we seeing who has the most or the oldest? And do you really really count if you write for them? Cuz uh fine you can count but I get to come in second 'first'. Well uh if I am first to come in second that is.

tra la la

Jane said...

This is full of awesomeness. How freaking amazing.

Gemma said...

Guys (or rather, Gals) thank you for your enthusiasm. :) You're all really sweet. Wendy, this blog post rocked my socks! --Gemma. Now, off you all go to ebay to stock up. ;)

Wendy said...

Hi Gemma! The collective "we" love your site! As soon as I get some free time I plan on going through my collection of HHs. I know I can help you fill in some of the blanks in your "settings/notes" field.

Gemma said...

Wendy, that would be fabby. I tend to be quite lax about putting info in there so need all the help I can get!