Monday, February 25, 2008

RWA Chatter

Every year, for the last several, RWA has hosted a Librarian's Day event at their annual conference. The itinerary and registration forms are now up on their web site, so that means it's time for Wendy to dither on whether or not she'll attend this aspect of the conference. Oh sure, I'm already registered for the full enchilada (should I leave my cape and tiara at home?), but the Librarian's Day event requires a separate registration form.

Part of me feels like I really should go. For one thing I'll get a cool badge holder that says "Librarian" on it. I get a ton of love when authors see that "Librarian" badge holder. Yeah, I'll admit it - I'm vain. So sue me. Plus, it's a dirt cheap event to attend. $25, which includes breakfast, lunch and traditionally a few freebies. Librarians are whores, we can't say no to freebies (I'm talking books here people!). Also, I'm intrigued by the line-up:

Tentative Schedule
7:00 – 8:00 AM: Registration

8:00 – 9:00 AM: Librarians’ Day Breakfast sponsored by William Morrow/HarperCollins.
WooHoo! Food! Would it be poor form to hold a butter knife to hapless Avon reps and demand they go back to publishing at least some westerns? Probably. I might get kicked out too. That wouldn't be good.
9:00 – 9:45 AM: Pulling in the Hispanic Romance Reader
Speakers: Mary Castillo, Caridad Ferrer, Tracy Montoya, Caridad Pineiro, Berta Platas and Lara Rios.
This is of particular interest to me given that I buy adult fiction for a very large southern California library system. We do have more than a few Hispanic library users, but I know we could be reaching out to more.
9:45 – 10:30 AM: Nine New Trends in Romance Readers’ Tastes and How To Mine Pop Culture for Trends
Speaker: Debbie Macomber
I have a girl crush on Debbie Macomber. There, I said it. Even if you aren't a fan, if you have an opportunity to hear her speak at a booksigning, conference, workshop, where ever, I highly recommend you attend. Although I gotta say, she's not the author that leaps to my mind when I see a topic like this one. Color me curious.
10:30 – 10:45 AM: Coffee/Tea Break
Yeah, tea!
10:45 – 11:30 AM: The Popularity of the Paranormal Romance
Speaker: Heather Graham
Yawn, more paranormal romance. But it is still insanely popular, and it's the Heather Graham. What I've read by her I've only found so-so, but dang I tend to get stupid when I "see" any author who has published a shitload of books.
11:30 – 12:15 PM: Merchandizing Your Romance Collection
Speakers: Marcia James, Jennifer Stevenson and John Charles
Meh. But maybe I'll learn something new.
12:15 – 1:00 PM: Focus on Historical Romance
Speakers: Jo Beverley and Jodi Thomas
The title is beyond vague here, but it would give me the opportunity to fall down and worship Jodi Thomas. She's still publishing westerns, and seriously folks, that's all it takes for me.
1:00 – 2:30 PM: Librarian and Bookseller Luncheon featuring special speaker, Stephanie
I've never read Laurens. There, I said it. I have this thing about romance series that just. won't. end. I keep telling myself to read The Devil's Bride (because most readers seem to love that one), but dang, have you seen my TBR?
2:30 – 5:30 PM: Librarian and Bookseller Networking Event with published authors.
Oh, so glad they are cutting the day short! They've traditionally held the event right up until the Literary Signing and it just makes for a really long day. Last year I bugged out of the Librarian Event early just so I could dump off my freebies and meet up with Kristie prior to the signing. It will be interesting to see what authors stick around to mingle though.
So do I go, or not go? I'm leaning towards going, although I might wait to register (although space is limited!) until I see the full RWA conference program. If you're a librarian, and have never gone to this event, I do highly recommend it. Me? I'm debating it because this will be the 4th go around for me, and I'm wondering if I want to do something "different" this time around. Decisions, decisions.


Kerry said...

Wow, all of those panels sound interesting. I'd like to go. Not happening, but tempting.

Sherry Thomas said...

Last year I skipped out on Librarian's day cuz my agent hosted an AWESOME spa day. But this year she's not doing a spa day. (Yes I have begged) :-( So I might give librarian's day a whirl. Or maybe just go wander around San Francisco.

Leya said...

Wendy, looks pretty interesting. I'm so jealous! You see I have a girl crush on Debbie Macomber as well. :D
And stick to Devil's Bride by Laurens, it's my all time favorite of the Cynsters.


Jennie said...

Most of those do sound interesting -- you should go, says I. :) Then you can report back.

I will definitely go these conferences when I am a full-fledged librarian. And when they are not on the complete other side of the country.

C2 said...

Oh go, why dontcha? :-D

And while you're worshipping Jodi Thomas, could you throw a little worship Jo Bev's way for me? She's awesome!

~ames~ said...

LOL @ at your "Yeah, tea!" comment. hehe

Heck, I'm just jealous you're going to RWA at all. :P

Wendy said...

Sherry: Heck, the Librarian's Event is nice, but doesn't trump a day at the spa. Sorry RWA!

Leya: One of these days, maybe I'll pick up Devil's Bride. Of course I had never read Macomber until after I heard her talk at a booksigning. Maybe Laurens will have the same effect on me?

Jennie: They're back on the East Coast next year and since you work in a library now you should be able to attend the event. One year I attended with a woman who was still in library school at the time.

C2: I have a feeling I'll be fielding a lot of requests to worship to Jo Beverly.

Stephanie Feagan said...

Yes, you should go and sit by me at the luncheon. (they let the unwashed masses of heathen board members in and throw food at us, if we make nice with the library lady...)

And hey, here's a shout-out to Sherry Thomas - oh man, I am drooling to get your book!

Wendy said...

Stephanie: LOL! Right now I'm leaning towards going - although I'm still waiting to see the full conference itinerary before I make my final decision.