Monday, February 11, 2008

Mojo Rising

I love that "Dear Lord I Can't Put This Book Down" feeling, and I had it this weekend when I wrapped up Revenant by Carolyn Haines. A full review can be found over at Paperback Reader.

I should probably note that even though this novel is published under Harlequin's Mira banner, it's not a romance. It's not even romantic suspense. No, it's straight-up suspense with certain women's fiction elements tossed in. It's as much about the serial killer, as it is an exploration of Carson Lynch, girl reporter, and her relationships with the people around her.

I guess you could say there are romantic elements, but that's overstating it. There could easily have been three heroes in this story, and the reader doesn't know who Carson will "choose" until the final chapter (as for sex - there's only one scene in the book featuring one of these potential heroes). And even then? It's not so much "Let's Get Married And Have Lots Of Babies" as it is "Let's Hang Out Together And See Where This Leads Us." And honestly? It's the most believable ending any reader could hope for. Carson is too damaged for anything else.

I highly recommend this one, as long as you don't want Sunshine Happy Puppy Dog Rainbows. Still waffling on the grade a bit, but given my "Can't Put It Down" reaction I'm going with an A-.


Stephanie Feagan said...

Can I be nosy and ask why you picked up this book? I mean, what was it that made it intriguing enough to read?

And I gotta thank you for the GGD moment. John R. and Barefoot Robbie and that drummer dude whose name I can never remember...hmm, hmm, I sure love me some GGD, especially the old stuff. I've seen them in concert 3 times - that's a lot for an old broad like me. HaHa!
Anyway, thanks!

Wendy said...

Stephanie: I was a mystery/suspense reader before I discovered romance - so that's most of it. The back cover copy is well-written, peaked my curiosity - plus I'm a sucker for emotionally damaged protagonists (esp. heroines) and serial killer suspense plots. A less involved reason? I thought it sounded good.