Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dirty Kitty

Megan The Library Cat loves her naughty books

The Orange County/Santiago fire went from getting better yesterday (50% containment) to worse over night (back down to 30% containment). Word on the street is that it's now moving towards the Cleveland National Forest in Riverside County. This is not good news, and will pose another challenge for our firefighters, who are working in some rough terrain.

This is one of the suspected arson fires, and I heard on the radio this morning that the FBI is on the case. I'm voting for a public stoning, but I'm bitter like that.

The smoke situation is only going to get worse before it gets better. I left work early yesterday because my office building was uninhabitable. It's better today, but I'm thinking I'll need to become a mouth-breather for a while.

Some good news to report though. One of our libraries up in canyon country has been closed all week because they are in one of the mandatory evacuation areas. Well, they have a library cat whose job is to look cute and catch any varmints (snakes, rodents) that make their way into the building. We were all worried about Megan, and wondering if she made it out. She did! The president of the Friends Of The Library group got her out after the mandatory evacuations were handed down. So good times! Hopefully she'll be back home and reading Susan Johnson in no time. That's an actual picture of her above reading Legendary Lover.


Cathy in AK said...

I just saw a piece on the national news last night about evacuating animals from the area. Folks are mostly able to take their dogs, cats and other small pets to shelters or find a place for them, but horses, goats and llamas etc. were being left behind or let loose. A sad, sad situation all around. And I have to second your stoning idea.

Glad the library kitty made it out and is enjoying a book with her fuzzy friend : )

My thoughts are with all who are going through this terrible time. Stay safe.

Jessica said...

Hey, I was just wondering if any of the libraries are acting as emergency centers? I know that here in FL when there are evacuations, the libraries/librarians end up doing quite a bit of work helping out.

I'm glad that they were able to get the cat out, shes super cute!

Rosie said...

That's good news about the cat. I'm taking the good news where ever and when ever I can get it. Has this air made you cranky and irritable? I'm a bitch on wheels today. I'm blaming the headache.

Wendy said...

Early on fair grounds, stables and the like were taking the larger animals - but they filled up FAST!

Here in the O.C. our libraries aren't acting in that capacity - yet. We have been busy though because many evacuees have moved north and they're using libraries to get news about their homes, check their e-mail etc. Kind of like a community information center.

I'm "sick." My symptoms are like I have a bad head cold. I'm congested, sneezing my brains out, and I have a headache that is splitting my frontal lobe in half. I know it's because I've been going to work all week. The Boyfriend has been "stuck" at home all week and he's perfectly healthy. Bastard.

Let's get together and have a pity party. Nobody else wants to listen to me whine! (That said, you probably don't either! LOL)

Kate Diamond said...

I'm sorry you're going through this with the hellacious fires! My dad used to be a forest firefighter.

At this moment, he is watching the situation in California and muttering to himself about average rainfall, global warming, and changes that need to be made in our forestry program. He alternates between that, and worrying for all the people whose lives/property are in danger.

I, too, am thinking of you all in that region and hope that you are well.

Sherry Thomas said...

Kitty should read earlier Susan Johnson. Wicked is and will always be my favorite Susan Johnson book.