Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Still A Douche After All These Years

The Boyfriend has admitted to me that he's only a Toronto Blue Jays fan until Roy "Doc" Halladay takes his pitching prowess to another team. It's too depressing to watch them most of the time, especially this year when they are once again trotting out the horrible Josh Towers to pitch and almost every guy on the team has spent time on the disabled list.

The Yankees routed them last night (9-2), but it sounds like I missed a heck of a game. One thing about the Jays - they have long, long memories. Also, their manager looks like he could hold his own in a bar fight. Just saying.

Back in May, Douchey-McDouche (oh, sorry - Alex Rodriquez) shouted something out to back-up third basemen Howie Clark and he dropped a pop fly. Raising the blood of back-up shortstop, John McDonald, a lunch-pail sort of player and arguably the best defensive utility guy in the league (he can't hit for crap, but you don't pay him for his bat). Naturally there was no consensus on what Douchey (oh sorry - ARod) said - but given the general dislike for ARod (people hated him before he was a Yankee, that's how special he is) the "play" was roundly dismissed as being "bush league." Whatever actually transpired, it seriously pissed off the Jays and have I mentioned their manager looks like he could hold his own in a bar fight?

Well last night, it happened. Right or wrong (I'm going with right here), bless his heart, Josh Towers threw at Douchey (oh sorry - ARod) and hit him in the knee. It's just a shame he didn't aim for his chin.

Then, Josh Towers, our hero, said this about Yankees first base coach Tony Pena:
"I heard somebody chirping when I was talking to Lyle [Overbay] and I didn't think it was Alex and I asked who it was," Towers said. "Tony Pena is running his mouth off and I was like, 'What's this guy running his mouth off for?' This dude is a quitter. He managed a team and quit in the middle of the season because he couldn't hack it. He's going to run his mouth off? So I ended up getting into it with Alex a second time."
I mean, the kid can't pitch worth a damn and probably shouldn't be talking smack - but dang, I can't help it. It's funny. Hell, it's funny because it's true.

But that's not the best part. Oh no. Roger Clemens, never one to have the coolest head, was later ejected for retaliating against the Jays and hitting Alex Rios.

Douchey (oh sorry - ARod) will likely whine and make excuses about this whole incident (it's what he does), but the fact remains that he's damn lucky that Josh Towers was pitching last night. If it had been Roy Halladay, Douchey (oh sorry - ARod) would be sipping his breakfast through a straw this morning. Just saying.

God, I love baseball and I love this team. This is almost as good as when The Manager Who Could Hold His Own In A Bar Fight got in an alleged fist fight with his own pitcher last year. Seriously, I heart John Gibbons. I love that man.

(And yes, I know my Tigers are playing horribly right now. And yes, I'm well aware the Yankees are breathing down our necks for a wild-card spot. Hey, I hate my pitching right now, what else can I say? But c'mon, hating A-Rod? I hardly hold the market share on that)

(And yeah, this entire post was pretty much for KristieJ who has a hard time watching baseball these days. Gotta keep the girl in the loop)


Big Sis said...

To clarify for you,
I heard that lAmeROD called out "mine" behind 3rd baseman Clark so Clark backed off thinking his shortstop (McDonald?) was there to make the play. Very Very Bushleague.

Wendy said...

Yeah, Clark and McDonald both claimed Douche (sorry, ARod) shouted "mine," while ARod said he merely shouted out "ha!"

Clark should have made the play, period. I mean, he spent how many years in the minors? Still, nobody expects a major leaguer to pull out a trick that most little leaguers give up by the 2nd year.

ARod's problem has always been his total lack of cajones. Yes, he's a fantastic ballplayer, but everybody hates him for two reasons: 1) He's a puss and 2) He lacks charm. People loved Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth even when they were behaving badly because they were charming and funny. ARod? ARod's a puss.

seton said...

Well, I'm a Yankee fan and I cant stand him on the team. Most peeps hate the Yanks anyway but with ARod on it, it just gives people more incentive.

I pray every nite that ARod will take the option from his contract and leave the Yanks after this season. . . when I am not praying that Laura Kinsale will finally *^$#%$&ing get LUCKY ONE published, that is.

Arod said...


Kristie (J) said...

I turned the game on for a little while last night - in the fourth inning dammit - only to hear the announcer say, just in case you just tuned in, it was a wild third inning......
I should see if I can find it on YouTube.
Anyway - yea - if he does nothing right the rest of the year, you have to give kudo's to Josh Tower for that play - heh heh heh heh.
Payback's a bitch ARod!
And tell the boyfriend that if he thinks cheering for the Jay's is depressing, he should try the Leafs - Now THAT is an exercise in futility. Although I was watching ET Canada last night and they had a little story on Darcy Tucker of the Leafs. Even though he's happily married, he gets my motor purring.

And with the Jays - you can't help thinking year after year - what if? And I hope the Doc isn't going anywhere for a loooonnnggg time!

Wendy said...

The trolls come out for ARod. Somehow, I'm not surprised.

Neither here nor there, the headline about tonight's game at read "Halladay K's 8 as Jays pound Yankees, Wang"

Tee Hee. I love it when the headlines sound dirty.

For those who missed the blood bath the final score was Yankees 4, Blue Jays 15. And my Tigers lost. Bugger.

David said...

I really enjoy Wendy's Yankees hating. I just do.

I'll only throw in this tidbit: A-Rod was already thrown at on Monday. He didn't get nailed, but that's supposed to end it. When he was cracked in the knee yesterday, that's when the Blue Jays went up one, and why Clemens threw back (chances are he wouldn't have done it if he were pitching Monday, even though he is Roger Clemens).

David said...

Oh, also forgot, as Bush as the "ha" or "mine" play is, there's an unwritten rule you don't throw at a guy above the shoulders or below the hip.

Tara Marie said...

Well, I'm going to step on Seton's toes a little, I don't know a single Yankee fan that wants ARod to take his option elsewhere. And believe me I'm surrounded by Yankee fans.

I completely agree that whether it was "Ha" or "Mine" it was unprofessional, but throwing at someone's knees is a whole lot more "Bush" and doing it two days in a row was rather pathetic. And perhaps Tower should have shut up and pitched better, a win would have been a whole lot better revenge.

To be honest, I can't imagine hating a team or player this much. My BIL recently moved to Rhode Island and he's amazed at how much time is wasted on sports talk shows by fans that rabidly hate the Yankees. He likes to point out that we may hate the Red Sox, but we don't waste our time talking and bitching about them everyday.

Leya said...

I'm still a fan of the Jays, but it's heartbreaking to watch them. :( Sniff
Kristie, I have to agree with you on Darcy Tucker! Yum!

Wendy said...

Oh I know why Clemens threw back. He's the sort of guy who wouldn't let something like that slide. And I still think they should have given ARod the chin music - but I just can't stand the guy. There's just something about him that instills a rabid loathing for some fans. For me it was when he left Seattle to take the ridiculous contract in Texas.

The Yankees don't hold the market on my hatred. I also despise the White Sox. I mean, I really can't stand the White Sox. With the Yankees there's a little bit of grudging respect for some in that organization - I pretty much hate everything about Chicago. From their GM down to the catcher (who I am fairly rabid in hating. It's a sickness I tell you).

Wendy said...

Tara Marie:
The problem is that Towers is incapable of pitching better. He just plain sucks. The only reason he's in there now is that half their pitching staff is on the DL.

I think ARod either stays in NY or he goes to the Cubbies. I just don't see a lot of teams floating the ridiculous contract he (and his agent) are going to be asking for.

And once again I think y'all will have the last laugh. Even when you guys seemed to be "out of it" earlier in the year The Boyfriend and I were both, "Yeah, they're still going to make the playoffs." I so wouldn't put it past Boston to throw away the AL East and now the Yanks are right in the wild card mix. I swear Steinbrenner has the direct line to the Dark Lord....

Rosie said...

We had much conversation in my household about this business. Of course while we have one Yankee fan, Shmoo, we have one who likes baseball but no particular team, me, we have a woebegone Indians fan, GG and another sad sack Reds fan, Beanie.

Most of our conversation was to shake our heads and laugh at the whole situation. Clemens is NOT someone, even if he didn't like ARod to let something like that pass. But ARod...we pretty much all agreed he's a wimpy whiner. As Beanie says, "It's the game, shut up and play ball."

Laura said...

A friend of mine sent me this link (being a huge Jays and even bigger Leafs fan...being from Toronto and all) so I hade to chime in. ;)

First, I love the Gibbons loving (although my love for him is starting to waver) and Douchy hating. We all also hate Clemons in Toronto too. :)

I agree, Kristie, watching the Jays this year has been just like watching the Leafs last season BUT it's not an exercise in futility...yet! Leafs fans have another 40 years and Jays fans have another 65 years before we're as sad as Red Sox fans. ;) But yes, lets cross our fingers that Doc retires from the Jays - I never want to see him pitch any where else.

As for Towers - I've seen worse pitching around the league this year and we're happy the Jays had someone who at least has the stuff he has (I don't care if he's not another Doc or Burnett) so they didn't have to call up another AA like Litch (who, surprisingly, pitch fabulously this year).

*steps down off soapbox*

Cheers to this post and the continued hating of Douchy. :)