Sunday, July 15, 2007

Houston, We Have Jackassery!

I know this will likely shock the heck out you regular blog readers, but I'm not the world's most assertive person. I'm the quintessential wallflower. Please, leave me alone and let me blend into the woodwork. It's just better that way.

Tonight I was scolded by none other than Nora Roberts' publicist. See, I saw Nora at the Librarian Event and she signed a copy of High Noon for me. So there I am with my little name tag stating Wendy Last Name from the Blah Blah Library. I just have a hard time coming out and saying, "I'm also the Super Librarian!" because frankly my blog doesn't have huge traffic and hello, I mean how important do I think I am? The answer? Not very.

Well Nora "suspected" I was "super librarian" but didn't know for sure. So here she is wondering if I'm that person or just some other random Wendy who happens to be a librarian. So when her publicist found out that I was the person behind the blog she scolded me for not saying anything.

I told her I couldn't help it. I'm a middle child and have a massive inferiority complex. Besides, Nora has more important things to do than to keep track of reader bloggers. Books to write, ways to make Roarke even sexier, and her plans for world domination. Me? I'm way, way, way low on the priority scale.

So there I am blushing and stumbling all over myself while I properly introduce myself to Nora. Bah. One of these days I'll grow a spine.

So what was tonight? Well Nora had a cocktail party before the big RITA bash and dear, lovely, sweet Jane got me invited. I was the envy of many of my coworkers. I mean it's Nora! And champagne! And shrimp cocktail! I met the darling Anne Marie Winston and gushed all over Cindy Hwang from Berkley (most of which involved me blubbering on about how much I loved A Reason To Live by Maureen McKade). I even broke out a dress for the occasion. Heck, I even put on make-up. (That large thud you hear might be both of my sister's passing out from the shock)

I skipped the RITA ceremony (I'm dog tired, plus no invite), but Kristie went and text messaged all the award winners to us from Jane's iPhone. For a complete list of winners, you can find them at Dear Author.

My flight leaves very early, it's after midnight, and I'm still awake. What awaits me upon my return home is a boyfriend who claims to be missing me (I suspect it's lies; all lies), a mountain of laundry and some grocery shopping. Oh yeah, and maybe the Tigers game. I'm seriously going through baseball withdrawal. See y'all be in California!


trisha said...

I just have a hard time coming out and saying, "I'm also the Super Librarian!" because frankly my blog doesn't have huge traffic and hello, I mean how important do I think I am?

Me, too! I had the exact same problem at ALA. Not that I'm Super Librarian, obviously, but the "Hmm, should I mention to author Y or this person at Publisher X's booth that I have a blog? Because it's not even close to being in the same league as Fuse #8..."

Sounds like you had a great time.

Okay, back to lurking.

Anne said...

See? That's how I'd have been with La Nora too! Staring and wanting so badly to say Hi or babbling something stupid, but too afraid to do so. LOL I feel you. Seriously. Glad you had a great time!

Rosie said...

I was one of masses meeting Nora in San Diego years ago at an RT signing. I was mute and could barely say my name at the signing.

I've been looking into skin care products that will bleach out the green color I've turned reading all the ins and outs at the RWA. Just sounds like so much fun.

Oh, and Wendy, you oh famous of Super Librarians, are a wallflower no more. No one puts SL in the corner!

Wendy said...

SL puts herself in the corner - no one actually does it for me.

Lil' sis said...

Huh? What? What happened? Oh, I must have blacked out...the last thing I remember was reading that Wendy wore make-up!

Rosie said...

Okay, your lil sis is a pip. She made me laugh out loud this morning.

Wendy said...

Lil Sis: Well hardy har har. Don't be too impressed. My idea of make-up was a little powder and lip gloss. It's so not my thing.....

Rosie: Don't encourage her.

Alie said...

I'm soooo jealous! You met and had drinks and saw Nora dance. She's my fave :)