Sunday, July 22, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Longtime readers of this blog will recall that I've mentioned once or twice what an excellent gift-giver The Boyfriend is. Now, my birthday was a couple of weeks ago - but the poor guy was struck down by the Back Order Brigade. So that means my presents just got here this weekend.

First, another Detroit Tigers jersey for my collection. Because frankly, a girl can't have too many shirts declaring her love for her team.

Second, this is what greeted me after my afternoon out with Rosie and Nikki:

My very own lounge chair! He did give me clues: 1) It will help with your reading 2) It couldn't fit in his car so had to be delivered. I also am the resident Bill Payer around here, so I knew he bought it at Home Depot and it cost a decent amount of money (we're not talking $20 here).

I had no idea. None. My first thought was a book case/shelf to which Mr. Smarty Pants replied, "That wouldn't help you read Wendy, it would just help you horde more books." Ouch, the truth hurts.

Now all I need is a cabana boy to massage my feet while I'm reading and to fetch me mint juleps upon request.

But back to yesterday - yes, I met Rosie and Nikki! Well, I'd already met Rosie - semantics. We gorged ourselves on yummy cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory, then I let them paw through the books I culled from my massive, out of control TBR mountain range. They weren't nearly as greedy as I'd hoped they'd be, despite my insistence to "Take whatever you want! Anything at all! Help yourself!"

In other news, I scored the audio version of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows at Costco yesterday. I'm currently ignoring all blog posts on the subject and have threatened to throw large, heavy objects at family, friends and/or coworkers who breathe a word about the book to me. This is one instance where I don't want any spoilers.


Rosie said...

Is that the actual chair? It wouldn't stay on my patio for long. It looks too delicious and comfy. I wonder, any cabana boys on ebay?

Wendy said...

Yep, actual chair. It's amazing I'm not out there right now lolling in it.

And you can't find cabana boys on eBay. I've already looked.

nath said...

Nice chair Wendy :D now, I'm totally jealous, I think I need one of those too :D

As for cabana boys, I think you need to go somewhere more specialized to get one of those... I can ask my sister to look for one for you while she's in Cancun LOL :D