Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm Ignoring Them

My two dirty bathrooms. I'm ignoring them. I just can't muster up that much excitement for my toilet brush - I'm sorry. So I'm blogging instead. Who doesn't love a librarian with priorities?

Newsworthy bits - I met Rosie yesterday! The poor dear was just desperate to find a new used bookstore after the one near her home had the nerve to close. Like, how wrong is that? It's a bit farther for her to drive, but hopefully I hooked her up with a new place to try - and she did buy several Harlequin Historicals. See, this is why we like Rosie.

In other news, after much arm-twisting on the part of The Boyfriend and Sybil - I'm going to RWA in Dallas. Bought my plane ticket and everything. Of course, I haven't actually gotten the time off from work yet - but no problems there. It's not like the place will fall down without me, unlike the last job when all the crazies decided to band together when they figured out the manager was on vacation.

This means hitting the Librarian's Day Event (and trying not to sound like a moron should I actually talk to Nora or Jayne Ann Krentz [who used to be an academic librarian, so y'all know she's really smart]). It also means that I turn into a freebie whore junkie and snap up as many promotional items and books that I can. In my defense, some of it goes to the library. I don't horde them all to myself - so says she with 800+ books in the TBR.

Oh good times! The question is, will RWA survive me, Jane, Sybil and KristieJ? And anyone want to start a betting pool on how long it takes before one or all of us get kicked out?

Of course we won't get kicked out. Unless I start tackling people to get to the books. Then I might get kicked out. But truly, I'm a very polite person in real life. Honest.


Kristie (J) said...

So - was it WESTERN Harelquin Historicals that she bought? *g*

And hey! I'm not a trouble-maker. I'm the nice one ;-)

Alie said...

Ooh you're so lucky! I wish I could go.

Wendy said...

KristieJ: Why yes, she did! Some Cheryl St. John, Cheryl Reavis (although her books take place primarily on the East coast), and I made her get Winter Woman by Jenna Kernan. She also picked up a couple books by Terri Brisbin.

Rosie said...

You all better give lots and lots of details. Wendy, you'll tell us all about meeting them (Nora and JAK) won't you?

Actually, I met NR for about a minute and a half when RT was in San Diego years ago. I have a couple of the oldie MacGregors signed by her. I think the extent of our meeting was a timid 'hello' by me and my arm extended with a couple of books to sign. Pitiful really. I'd be so much more mature and cool now. You believe me don't you?

sybil said...

ohhh good choices Wendy.

Really I am the nice one. I am working on coming out of my shell. It will be rough but for you guys I will do it.

Jane said...

Um, I am soo the nice one. ask Sybil.

Kristie (J) said...

No, no, no - Sybil is the shy one. Jane is the quiet one, Wendy is the shit disturber one and I am the nice one.
And Rosie - good choices there - the two Cheryls!

~ames~ said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have fun. Very envious. :P