Monday, December 18, 2006

And The Winners Are

Thanks for the all the input regarding what books I should take on my trip home for the holidays. Now naturally I won't get all these read. I'm thinking I should get at least 4 done (2 on the plane there, 2 on the plane back), but you know what they say about good intentions. My final decisions ended up being:

Sweet Release by Pamela Clare (although damn the print is tiny!)
A Place to Call Home by Deborah Smith
Foxfire Bride by Maggie Osborne
A Kiss to Die For by Claudia Dain
Redemption by Carolyn Davidson
Sugar Skull by Denise Hamilton
Winter Garden by Adele Ashworth (although I'm honestly in more of an "American" mood)
Jackson Rule by Dinah McCall
Mail-Order Bride by Maureen McKade (horrid Avon cover and all)

1 comment:

Rosie said...

Having recently read the Dain, Osborne and McKade books and loving Deborah Smith, I'd say you have a great selection there. Have a great holiday!