Sunday, October 22, 2006

Weekend From Hell

It all started on Friday. Now, I had the day off - so one would think it would have been a great day. And it was, until about 8AM. There I was, sipping my morning tea (Earl Grey if memory serves) when my home computer decided to freak out. Turns out, we had a Trojan Horse, 2 viruses and some nasty spyware (that likely was the root of the problem).

Yes, I do have antivirus software and, to add insult to injury, it was corrupted by the above issues.

So I spend all day Friday putzing around with the computer, only to have it finally all fixed today. Although, Flash is still flaking out on me.

Saturday brought more wonderful costumer service from the folks at DirecTV. Swear to God, if The Boyfriend wasn't addicted to NFL Sunday Ticket I would gleefully drop it. Worst Costumer Service on the planet. And by worst I mean essentially non-existent. They were supposed to show up at the new apartment, never did and we ended up calling the installers four times and four times we were assured they'd "call us back." Do you think we ever heard a word from them? Of course not.

On top of that, we finally saw the new apartment yesterday, and while the kitchen looks awesome - the thermostat is from 1975 (it's that old looking) and the outside doorknobs look so rusty that I'd swear they'd been on the unit for the last 40 years (but the apartment complex isn't that old). We haven't signed a lease yet - so we said that we wanted a new thermostat and a new doorknob on the front door (did I mention the lock spring is fudged up on it?).

Now, I'm assuming they'll say no - since this is a corporate run complex and the motto seems to be "if it ain't broke, don't do a damn thing about it" regardless of the fact that the material is shoddy at best. Also, they're hassling us about the DirecTV dish.

Frankly, rent is going to be a butt-load of a cash every month. For the amount they want us to pay - the door knob should function properly, a new thermostat should be installed, and the dish can be above the roof line if necessary. Is this too much to ask? I'm not thinking this is terribly unreasonable behavior on our part.

So while the movers are still set for next Saturday, I'm thinking we'll be cancelling them and bumping the move until later. Which we can because technically we don't have to leave our current residence until January. So there's time.

Oh and top it off, my Tigers looked like shit in Game 1 of the World Series. On the bright side, my older sister is currently sitting in a luxury box at Comerica Park getting ready to watch Game 2. Did I mention that I hate her?


Kate R said...

Yes. Once or twice you've mentioned your sister and how much you hate her for holding those tickets.

Next time you have a day off, start your morning with English Breakfast. Maybe it'll help the computers and customer service drones in your life. It's worth a try, right?

I mean cause and effect is mysterious. Around here we know the Red Sox only won the World Series a couple years ago because the kids on this street wore their Red Sox shirts every day for weeks.

Kristie (J) said...

That's a nasty early time on a day off for it to start going wrong!!! If a day off is going to go down the tubes it should at least wait until 11:00 or 11:30!!!

David said...

I'll randomly comment...

Wen, as a Tigers fan, if Kenny Rogers really is cheating, does it take anything away from his win(s)? There's a crazy picture of his hand on the front of right now, but I'm not sure how long that'll last.

Anti-virus usually doesn't help you from spyware. You generally need something for that too. For reference: a lot of spyware is written to slip in through IE, using Firefox can help you avoid it (plus, it is a nice browser).

I actually had English Breakfast tea this morning, my computer's still working, maybe Kate's onto something (I'm trying to change up my coffee habit).

If you rent: things are only fixed in between renters. You'll have to get your own tools if you want anything done. Have fun.

Wendy said...

We do use Firefox - mainly because I hate IE with a burning, seething passion. I suspect the Trojan Horse and spyware came in through something we downloaded, but haven't quite figured out how/what yet.

As for the apartment renting - we should know more today. We haven't signed a lease yet with these people - so if they won't fix it, no problemo. They aren't the only game in town and our current lease isn't up until January. So I won't be homeless tomorrow.

As for Kenny - I'm sticking my head in the sand and am going to say he isn't a cheater. Of course, I also think that Pudge never took 'roids - so that tells you how naive I am. But here's my logic on Kenny:

1) He still pitched awesome after the mysterious substance was wiped off his hand and

2) He's been in the Majors I long-ass time. Frankly, if the guy was going to cheat he would be a bit more sneaky about it than putting something DIRECTLY on his pitching hand that anyone could see.

But that's just me. I find the whole thing irritating really since no one seems to want to give the Tigers any credit for anything. They must be sacrificing chickens, drinking goat's blood and their pitchers using pine tar because heaven knows they aren't capable of winning any other way.

But I'm not bitter. I'm actually still hungover because that's the only way I can watch Todd Jones pitch - DRUNK!

Wendy said...

Well Earl Grey is my favorite - but I do keep English Breakfast in stock. After the weekend I had I'm willing to try anything!

Rosie said...

Wendy, I worked in property management for years. Every owner is different most reputable property mgmt companies try to keep things looking good (if not generic) to keep places rented.

Good luck with getting your approvals...hopefully in writing and before you move in. You sound like a shrewd negotiater though so I'm not too worried!