Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beam Me Up Scotty

So the really cute guy who works in our maintenance department (hey, I'm not dead - I am allowed to look) just came in and changed all our burnt out flourscent light bulbs.

I've always felt that really good libraries should have a lot of natural light. I like windows and lots of open space. The Old Job had a ton of windows. The only time I hated it was in the middle of August when the temperatures in Southern California hit around 350 degrees. The poor, outdated air conditioning just couldn't keep up.

Well now I'm in a boring administation building. The place is set up sort of like those mazes that researchers teach mice to run through. Although in my case, there's no yummy piece of cheese lying in wait at the end. So there's not a ton of natural light. We have a nice big window in the room where I work - but the person with most seniority (definitely not me) gets the window desk. The rest of us are stuck in high wall cubicles.

I can't stand flourscent light. I can literally feel my retinas melt. Which is interesting since I've worked a lot of jobs under their gentle hum (the mall, countless libraries). So, I really didn't notice how dim our office had gotten. Not until The Cute One came in and changed out the dead bulbs. Oh My God - talk about a let there be light moment! Seriously, I think my brain cells are starting to sizzle. I thought today was going to be one of those Countless Cups Of Caffeine kind of days. Not anymore! I'm wired I tell ya!

And totally unrelated to this post - anyone know of a really great web site where I can find upcoming romance releases? I'm talking books not coming out for months and months? I know some of y'all know of some, and like the idiot that I am I never bookmarked them. Muchos gracias!


Kristie (J) said...

Don't you just hate those high cubicle work stations? I went from one with no walls and a view to the outside world to one where the walls were taller than me and I had no idea what the weather was like from one day to the next.
I hope someone responds about a website for releases! The one I like(d)
used to have them up six or 7 months in advance but unless I'm missing something, it stops at December now when I want to know what's coming up next January, February & March!

C2 said...

Another voice is heard from Cubicle-ville - I finally moved out from the cupboard under the stairs (which I actually kind of liked because no one knew where to find me) to one with a window. However, it is at the end of the world's longest hall - or maybe it just seems that way in the morning. LOL

Anyway, the site I like for distant upcoming releases is