Wednesday, May 17, 2006


The Boyfriend just called me at work.

TB: I have a mouse in my car.

Me: You have a what in your where?!

TB: I got in my car this morning and noticed pellets on my dashboard. I immediately knew "something" had gotten in.

(Note: The Boyfriend is a country boy - hence knowing that "something" had left the pellets)

TB: I cleaned out the car, vacuumed it and the little bastard is still there.

Me: Still? He didn't vacate after you started the car?

TB: Nope, I thought the vacuuming would have done the trick. I was driving down the road afterwards when a speedy ball of brown fluff flew out from under the passenger seat. Ralph is sneaky.

Me: Ralph? As in The Mouse And The Motorcycle by Beverly Cleary?

TB: Yeah.

Me: Oh honey! A literary allusion! I'm so proud ::wiping tears::

TB: I thought you'd like that.

(Note: The Boyfriend doesn't read. Oh he can read, he just doesn't. Much to my dismay.)

Me: So what now?

TB: I've laid traps. Assuming I catch him, I'll take my car in to get detailed and the carpets shampooed. Oh, and I'll keep my car a lot cleaner from now on.

Me: Good idea.

Update: Ralph has passed on to the Great Car Condo in the sky. The Boyfriend bated a trap with what attracted him in the first place - granola bars. Also, while I was impressed with his allusion to Ralph - since our mouse was in a car and not on a motorcycle, we figured Stuart Little would have been a more apt name. But as the The Boyfriend told me, "I read The Mouse and the Motorcycle as a kid and loved it."


Amie Stuart said...

I have one cat who hunts, my small female. In the last six weeks or so she's brought home a baby possum, two birds and yesterday afternoon (while I was sitting on the couch minding my own business) something small and dark that GOT AWAY!!!!!

This morning my son spotted it in the toaster (everybody say EWWWWWW)

I need a drink.

susan wilbanks said...

This used to happen to me in high school, when I lived in a very rural area and drove a 1980 Dodge Colt whose undercarriage was somehow porous to the local field mouse population. Fortunately the mice always charged out from under the passenger side dashboard/floorboard area. If it'd been the driver side, I wouldn't be posting this, because I'm sure I would've died of a heart attack at the tender age of 17.

Kate R said...

OT: I hope I Do, I Do, I Do is one you'd recommend?

Wendy said...

Cece: OMG! A possum! I would have died from shock.

Susan: I would have died of shock no matter what. Seriously, I'm such a wussy girl.

Kate: Love that book! Just posted a link to my review over on your blog.

Amie Stuart said...

Wendy--thank GOD the possum...played possum and didn't run all over my house. I made her drop it and I took it out back and let it go. Much as I don't like them, I'm glad the critter was alright!