Monday, April 24, 2006

Going Out With A Bang

In what is sure to be seen as a metaphor for my tenure as a library branch manager, tonight I had to unclog an overflowing toilet in the public women's restroom.

Oh, and it also meant I had to mop the floor.

Makes me so glad that I've been paying off my college student loans for the last seven years. All that valuable, indispensable education so I could dig out a plunger from the janitor's closet and get to work.

And not to toot my own horn - but I'm a master toilet plunger. Years of living in apartments with outdated plumbing and you quickly become an expert.

In other news - May 1 is the official date. That's the day I hand over my keys to The New Guy and go back to working one job. One blissfully boring job.

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