Wednesday, March 22, 2006

All-Consuming Passion

File this away under Stupid Crap Romance Heroines Do That No Sane Woman With Two Brain Cells To Rub Together Would Even Contemplate:

My reading has taken a nose-dive this month - what with working two jobs and The Boyfriend being unemployed (a situation that will be rectified on Monday!). In fact, Crescent Moon by Lori Handeland is only the third book I've managed to finish this month.

I've only read one previous book in Handeland's Nightcreature series, and I enjoyed it. In fact, I started out enjoying this one. The first person narration is engaging, the author's werewolf mythology is interesting - but (you knew there was a but coming didn't you?) the whole thing sinks under the weight of the romance - and I use that term rather loosely.

What is it with paranormal romance heroines who suspect that the hunky hero is a werewolf, vampire, wood sprite, tooth fairy, whatever yet they boink their brains out anyway? Who does this? Honestly. I mean, I know sex is a powerful thing, and it feels good and stuff - but the last thing I would do if I thought a guy was going to go all furry on me would be to ride him like a stallion.

Frankly, I'd grab the nearest and largest firearm I could get my hands on and blow his head off. Um, both of them depending on how scared I was. And something tells me I'd be plenty scared.

Am I the only one who finds this sort of thing insulting? Frankly it smacks of too-stupid-to-live behavior. Does the heroine have no self-preservation? Heck, who is that sex starved that they won't take the time to find another man they don't suspect of being a werewolf? Just wander into the nearest fraternity house for cripes sake.

Or maybe I just need to lighten up - which is entirely likely.


Megan Frampton said...

Good point. I thought about that when reading Lover Eternal, actually--she's found out he's a vamp, and she still gets all hot and bothered for him. That would just creep me out. Moreso if he were a werewolf, or some other animal.

Lynn M said...

I don't so much have a problem with a heroine sleeping with a vampire/werewolf/ghost/angel/whatever (though I'm not so keen on the human-to-animal stuff 'cause it just squicks me out). After all, if she didn't find the guy appealing and eventually become involved with him, there would be no story. I suppose it's a matter of suspension of disbelief that allows you to buy into a world where humans will have sex with non-humans if you are going to read paranormals and enjoy them.

What gets me more, though, is how quickly humans tend to embrace the whole concept of vampires/werewolves/whatever once they learn of their existence. In a world where things are supposed to be normal, Missy Heroine meets Joe Vampire, and with only a slightly surprised "Oh, really, you're a vampire? I thought vampires were just a scary story." she's okay with the idea that vampires are roaming the Earth. I need at least a little bit of her coming to terms with this new reality.

Tara Marie said...

I used to have a similar attitude toward paranormals, but I've learned to suspend belief and find some entertaining. Over the last year I've tried a whole host of paranormals and to be honest the only ones I read with any consistancy are vampires.

Wendy said...

I should have clarified this - the werewolf in this story is running around in a swamp ripping people's throats out. So we have violent, bloody murders. The herione still boinks the hero repeatedly even though she suspects he's the werewolf that's eating people.

Color me skeptical - but that kinda turns me off a bit.

Jay said...

You know that begs the question though, who actually suspects the guy they're interested in is a werewolf etc. I think I chalk the suspicion/sex thing up to the same suspension of disbelief necessary to read a paranormal in the first place.

In other words: What Lynn said, lol.