Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day @ Your Library

I came into work this morning after a long holiday weekend (yes, I actually get Lincoln's birthday off - god bless the goverment union I belong to) to discover a mess. Some asshole decided that my book drop would make a neat-o garbage can and dumped a bag of trash in it.

Now normally, this wouldn't be a big deal. Minorly disgusting, but not a big deal. Except, the trash was of the liquid variety. Don't ask me what it was - but the running theory is some sort of take-out food. Luckily, not too many pages got wet, but there were many sticky book covers.

So while I slogged through 2 carts of non-wet, non-sticky materials - one of my trusty library pages found herself wearing rubber gloves and wiping down the sticky ones with book cleaner.

In happier news - a library patron brought us candy on Saturday with a card calling us all "lovely librarians." No, he's not a pervert. At least I'm assuming he's not. He comes in all the time with his kids - so I think he's totally harmless. Plus the kids signed the card.

As for my own Valentine's celebration? Um, there isn't one this year. Money is tight, so my Valentine's present was "Happy Valentine's Day honey" with a nice kiss. And being the non-commerical soul that I am - that was good enough for me. Yes, for the record, I am a cheap date.


Never That Easy said...

That's so sweet - the "lovely librarians" card. A nice little gesture. The dumping of the food in your inbox is also a little gesture, just of a different variety. Congrats on your new job!

Alison Kent said...

You sound like me. I remind my hubby constantly how cheap I am for him to keep around, LOL! I'm happy to do nothing as long as I'm doing it with him!