Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Random Ramblings Of A Cluttered Mind

I cannot seem to think of a coherent one topic blog posting - so I'm going to cram a whole bunch of crap in to one post. Think of it as a glimpse inside of Wendy's mind. And if that doesn't scare the hell out of you - nothing will.

  • I'm taking perverse pleasure in the fact that a non-fiction book that Oprah picked is now being dismissed as fraudulant. I know, I'm a naughty monkey.
  • I cannot believe they're finally releasing The Da Vinci Code in paperback. Will wonders never cease?
  • I'm sick of my blog template.
  • I have no clue what to do with with my blog roll. Keep it? Dump it?
  • I hope my IT guy shows today - I have a dead public computer.
  • I'm enjoying Summer Breeze by Catherine Anderson, with one reservation, at the moment. Review to be posted on this blog later in the week - promise!


Jay said...

Why would you dump your blogroll? Do you not use it?

FWIW, I don't use either of mine. I hate the one I have on the book blog and I'm sad that I don't have the time or inclination to get the one on the main blog to work the way I want it to.

Wendy said...

I actually use my blog roll! However now I'm wondering if having one is cliquey and/or incestuous.......

I'll probably end up keeping it and revamping. Let that be a warning to those of you who don't update your blog often *cackling*

Kristie (J) said...

I heard that on one of the entertainment shows tonight about the author of one of Oprah's books - heh heh heh.

And Ron is SUCH a Bears fan - "Dah BEARS", has been for ages and is he a happy camper these days about that! Our oldest son is a Cowboys fan, our youngest son is a Falcons fan and I'm a Bucaneer fan (although I haven't shared with them the shallow reason why - I like the name [pirates doncha know]and their coach is a hottie!) So of the four different teams Ron's the only one with his team still in.

And what did the BF think when the Jays traded the ODog??? I mourned. The funnest player on the team - now gone. I guess when he told the general manager he dressed like a Mafia Don his day were numbered - but I mourned.
And um what exactly is a blog roll?

Wendy said...

I'm technically a Bills fan - which means most Sundays this past season were spent banging my head against a wall. My #2 team is the Bears. I'm from Michigan and even I can't bring myself to watch the Lions.

As for ODog - The Boyfriend wasn't nearly has p*ssed off as I thought he'd be. Frankly, he's still smarting over the Delgado trade and figures that's why the Jays went after Glaus so hard. They missed Delgado's big bat a lot last year. He's a bit more concerned over the loss of Batista. Pitchers aren't exactly growing on trees these days.....

And by "blog roll" I mean the links to other blogs I have listed on my side bar.

Kristie (J) said...

Yea, I can sympathize with loosing Delgado - for Hinske at first?!?!?!?
And ahhhh to the blog roll. I use mine all the time, although I think I'll institute a 3 month rule - nothing new in 3 months and I'll delete until they return - unless there are exceptions like Maili who announced her hiatus.

And yes - the Lions - as Sybil would say le sigh

Jay said...

I think blogrolls are definitely incestuous/cliquey but such is the nature of a blogroll. But in general I like seeing who other people link to - it's just even more limited if you only link to romance bloggers. There's only a handful of us out there.

sybil said...

blogroll? I don't have one. So does this mean I can't be incestuous or cliquey? I have links but they are blogs I go to.

I mainly read reader blogs because reading author blogs tends to annoy me. And as jay said there really aren't that many reader blogs out there. OMG so maybe we are cliquey! But we would have to find someone to hate to do it right. OH! I just found a use for Harriet!

jmc said...

I'm gonna delurk to post...

My uncle has been a Bears fan since he was a kid, and the past (10? 20?) years have been bleak for him. As a Packer fan, I graciously did not gloat when Green Bay was winning, and he kindly returned the favor this season, even on Christmas day when the Bears went 2-0 against the Packers for the first time in ages. Go Bears :)

Jumping in on the baseball stuff, I don't follow the Jays much, but I know they acquired an awesome, up and coming closer: BJ Ryan. He's someone to watch, and was one of the few Orioles players who made going to the games worthwhile last season, along with Brian Roberts and Miguel Tejada.

Tara Marie said...

I use my blog roll every day, I wouldn't be able to find anyone's blog without it. Well, I guess I could use someone elses.

And, of course it's cliquey and incestuous, do you have a problem with that--LOL?

I grew up with a rabid Giants fan, Dad's in mourning as we speak. My poor husband is a Jets fan--and that's too painful to speak about.

Amy Garvey said...

I'm right behind you on the RTB column -- I'm in on the 20th, I think. And I have no idea what to write about this month. Must brainstorm. Soon.

Mickle said...

re: Da Vinci Code

They had a date set once for this fall (it was showing up on our computers at work last spring) but they delayed it once the movie was announced.