Sunday, November 20, 2005

That's Hot!

Seriously I cannot believe I'm up this early on a Sunday (it's 6AM where I am). That's what I get for polishing off a bottle of wine last night, by myself. First I woke up with acid reflux, then I had weird dreams, then I woke up hung over.

I have to remember I'm not 21 anymore.

Anyway, I was web surfing last night and came across a really hot cover. From Ellora's Cave no less. Normally I find EC covers deplorable. They either "look" like small press covers (as in, gawd awful) or there's entirely too much beef cake for my liking. But this cover? Hot. Really flippin' hot.

I love corset covers though. For one thing, I think they scream "historical!" and for another they're sexy as all hell. Of course I'm not real anxious to start wearing them myself - but it's easy to see why they were the height of fashion for so many years. This chick will have no problem landing herself a man if she parades around like that! And one can assume that because she's in an EC book, she'll get her man. Heck, probably lots of men.

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