Wednesday, August 3, 2005

New Linkage And Good Book Alert

Just found out that Cheryl St. John has joined the Wide World Of Blogging. Check out her new home.

Also, I just finished my first RWA conference book. The author wasn't there to sign it, but they were giving out free copies and I'm glad I picked it up. It was very good!

Deadly Double by Adrianne Byrd is a romantic suspense featuring everyone's favorite cliche - The Evil Twin. But ya know, it was entertaining as all get out.

Josephine Ferrell finds herself in a mental hospital on more drugs than Keith Richards. Everyone is calling her "Michelle" and denying it only lands her on the wrong side of a hypodermic needle. There is someone who believes her though, even if she's too dopey to talk to him.

Dr. William Hayes is the guy she loved and lost one memorable summer in Paris. When Will sees "Michelle" he knows it's his long, lost love Josie. Unfortunately, the doctor in charge of "Michelle" swears it's "Michelle." Will must be mistaken.

So what does our boy do? He kidnaps a patient of course! Can they sort out this mess, and clear Josie's name before the real "Michelle" puts a bullet in them? Dead bodies are piling up.

I really liked the way Byrd wrote this story, because it took some guts. She drops the reader right in the middle of the action (Will spiriting Josie away from the hospital), and reveals her characters and story through real time action and flashbacks. This is a tricky technique to pull off, as it is easy to "lose" the reader.

I also loved all of the characters. Sure Josie, Will and the villain are great - but I was most struck by police detective Ming Delaney. Byrd makes her "human" by revealing glimpses into her marriage and how her work schedule and professional drive effect it.

The only problem this story has is the sex. I haven't read purple prose this bad in a while. A shame, since the love scenes are really well done. However every time I ran up against phrases like "moist cave" and "vortex of euphoria," it yanked me right out of the story.

Still, a very good read. It would make a great vacation book or beach read as it really zips along at a good clip. I easily would have polished it off in one sitting if I didn't have to work for a living. Drat that anyway.


Nicole said...

"moist cave" and "vortex of pleasure" do NOT belong in a romantic suspense. That's just wrong. Okay, they don't belong anywhere, period.

Though it does sound interesting!

Wendy said...

I've been trying to edit this post all week, but Blogger has been having a snit. The actual purple prose phrase was "vortex of euphoria" - which actually makes the whole thing sound even worse LOL

Nicole said...

yeah, "vortex of euphoria" is definitely worse. Ouch!