Thursday, July 7, 2005

London Calling

Before I became a mild-mannered librarian, I was a mild-mannered British history student. I have a BA degree collecting dust in my closet to prove it too.

Why do I love the British so much? I mean, besides the whole tea thing?

Well they were the first modern empire. The first empire to really cope with the Industrial Revolution and the birth of modern technology. I find the triumphs and failures of the British to be spectacularly (is that a word?) fascinating.

Two things stay with me about my years reading up on World War II:

  • For pete's sake, don't invade Russia then get stuck there for the winter.
  • Don't bomb the British. It's just a bad idea.
Whomever is behind these recent attacks obviously isn't reading their history. Not a good idea boys. One thing I've learned about the British over the years is that they're a helluva lot tougher than they look. Damn skippy, just check out the riots at soccer (sorry, football) games!

My heart goes out to you Britain. I'm tipping my mug of Earl Grey in salute. Be strong, be brave, and continue to be resilient.


lost said...

LOL! I can't believe that you actually mentioned those hooligans! Whether you meant it or not, thanks for the much-needed laugh.

Through that link, I was surprised to learn that the Tartan Army was awarded in France for being the world's friendliest fans. *dubious look* Who'd have thought?

OK, that's unfair. I need to get those football riots between Celtic [Catholic] fans and Rangers [Protestant] fans out of my head. :)

Wendy said...

Well I'm glad it came off as funny - I never know. Most of the time I open my mouth and promptly insert my foot.

And I just love the word "hooligans." It's just a great word......