Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Library Stories

Yesterday was a full rich day, culminating in Wendy getting the snow job of a lifetime.

I put a stop on this woman's library card a couple of weeks back when I caught someone else using her card to access additional Internet time. Well she came in, card in hand, and demanded to know who was using her card!

Now, I would have loved to have told her this - since the guy who was using her card is a major creep, but my better judgment sadly prevailed.

Then this woman said that hey, those 11 books she has checked out on her card? Why, she never checked those out!

So short of jumping across the desk and strangling her, I marked all the books lost and changed her library card number.

What does Wendy think is really going on? This woman's creepy brother is using her card to access additional Interent time and she did check out all those books.

Of course, I cannot prove this, since both this woman and Creepy Man have an extremely common last name for the area where I work (sort of like Smith). I'm merely assuming they are related. And no one can check out books without having their library card. We're very strict on that. So unless someone stole the card from her purse, checked out a whole bunch of books, then secretly returned the card to her purse - well she checked them out dagnabit.

In other library news, my children's librarian managed to convince The Big Boss to come and read at our storytime this afternoon. He did a very good job actually, and it's always nice when the administration stops by to see us in action. You know, with kids running around, books lying all over the place, and library patrons screaming at us that we're incompetent.

Can you tell I'm ready for RWA in Reno? After my Saturday shift I'll be officially on vacation....


Melanie Lynne Hauser said...

Why was she ashamed of those books she "allegedly" didn't check out? That's strange. Have fun at RWA!

Wendy said...

No, she probably just wanted to keep them and not pay for them. Or (my popular theory at the moment) she has no life and got a giddy thrill jerking me around ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bleagh! I hate it when you know there's something suspect going on but can't do anything about it.

While I'd rather they didn't see a patron screaming at me, I do love it when our big boss (well, 2nd to the big boss) happens to see a storytime. I think it's good for them to see what we actually do - I think a lot of them have long forgotten. Especially when it comes to children's stuff - they're always just amazed.


Joy said...

Just curious what is your time limit for internet usage at your library and how many PC's do you have available for the public.