Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Rain, Rain, Rain

Some areas of Southern California have seen up to 6.5 inches of rain since Friday.

Is it just me or does that not sound like a lot? Must be my Midwestern upbringing.

The reason the rain is such a big deal out here is:
  1. Californians can't drive in the rain. They really can't. It's like a blizzard to these people.
  2. California's civil engineers don't believe in drainage.

Heck, it never rains in So. Cal.! Why would we need drains?! All that water can just run down the hills into the valleys! So what if the freeways flood?!


In other news, I'm halfway through my 20th book of the year. I'm going to read 100 books this year or die trying! More on Killer Chameleon by Chassie West when I finish it. In the meantime, West is an author that not nearly enough of you are reading. This woman writes the best characters - and her heroine, Leigh Ann Warren, is smart, sassy, sexy and just plain cool. And her fiance' ain't half bad either. *wink*

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