Saturday, January 29, 2005

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I've been exhiled to the computer room. The boyfriend is currently hollering and cussin' at the Syracuse vs. Pittsburgh basketball game.

I love this man. I really do. But sometimes it's trying to live with his passions for Notre Dame football and Syracuse basketball. I mean is it really necessary to holler at the TV. It's not like the players, coaches, and/or officials can hear you dear.

But he lives with my dorky librarian tendencies, excessive book habit and my addiction to Law & Order - so there you have it.

I'm currently on a reading frenzy. After struggling to finish The Challenge by Susan Kearney, I've zipped through two category romances. I finally read Too Hot To Handle by Barbara Daly - a Harlequin Temptation that has been in my TBR since I went to Denver for RWA back in July 2002. I love that Daly uses New York City as a setting, and I loved the plot of a woman who runs into an old flame who unceremoniously dumped her 12 years earlier (essentially he vanished off the planet without reason or even a goodbye). There's some idiotic behavior towards the end that dampened my enjoyment a bit - but I read it in one sitting, so what the heck am I complaining about?

I just wrapped up Contract Bride by Susan Fox, a Harlequin Romance from 2003. I have several online buds who adore Fox, and while this was my first by her, I have several more waiting in my TBR. This book features the good old marriage of convenience plot - hero weds dead wife's best friend in order to protect his infant son. The heroine is one of those annoying never-been-kissed virgin heroines, but I still liked this book a lot. The hero seems so determined to not fall in love with her, that it's fun to watch the author make it happen. Plus, there is some really good dialouge in this story. My favorite bit was uttered by the hero's best friend:
"A jealous man gets jealous because he knows he's done wrong, so he uses jealousy to cover his guilt. That way, it's the woman's fault, not his."
No truer words have been spoken. I'm convinced.

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