Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Baseball Ramblings

I've avoided talking about baseball for a while now because I was afraid I'd just come off as excessively whiney.

I love my Detroit Tigers, I really do. And god bless 'em, they've put on a good show this off season. They've talked to all the right free agents and made decent offers - it's just nobody has ended up signing with them. My boyfriend tries to make me feel better by saying, "Hey! At least they are trying! Look at my team." He's still trying to come to terms with the rumors that Carlos Delgado will end up with the "bastard birds" - my apologies to any Baltimore Orioles fans reading this. His words - not mine.

And can someone explain The Mets to me? It's like they're trying to out-Yank the Yankees by throwing around ridiculous amounts of cash. I still think the Pedro deal will end up biting them in the ass - but Beltran! That one really sticks in my craw.

And now I have to hate Randy Johnson. Damn Yankees. I liked Randy Johnson. He's freakishly tall (just like my Dad), ugly as sin (better since he lost the mullet), and the best damn pitcher I've ever seen. But he's a dirty Skankie now. Drat.

Whine, whine, whine. At least we still got Pudge.

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