Thursday, December 2, 2004

Sports talk today.

First, Ty Willingham getting fired by Notre Dame was big news in my household as the boyfriend is a huge ND fan. Frankly, neither of us was real hot on ND's decision. I rather like Ty, and think he's a classy guy. I also don't feel that three years is necessarily enough time in college football. It's not like the NFL where you can drastically alter your roster every off-season. Ty's recruits are just now coming up, and the jury was still out. I also think that young teams (their quarterback is a sophomore of cripes sake) are naturally going to be inconsistent.

Notre Dame's real problem is they aren't dirty. They are the cleanest program in the country. So how can they compete with Miami (where players snort coke off naked women) or Ohio State (where players can drive a new car every other week). And worse still Notre Dame expects student athletes to actually do well in your coursework and have "real" majors. The horrors!

But really the truth is that Notre Dame has a hard-on for Urban Meyer and they want to nab him while they still have a shot. So bye-bye Ty. I have faith that you won't be unemployed for long.

The other big news is naturally Jason Giambi who has admitted to using steroids. Well duh. This is like Pete Rose admitting he bet on baseball. Do these guys really think the American public is that stupid? Wait, let's not answer that.

I will admit that I take some sick pleasure in the fact that Giambi has been a bust since signing with The Evil Empire (the New York Yankees). What I don't take pleasure in is the tarnish that MLB will take with these lingering steroid scandals. I adore football, but I truly love baseball. There's a nostalgic romanticism about it that appeals to me. However, as long as the sport and it's "fans" (I'm talking you fair-weather folks here) continue to get all googly-eyed over homeruns and 30 point games, the sport will suffer. I'd rather watch a game that features single hits, bunts and excellent fielding over the Barry Bonds homerun extravaganza any day.

But that's just me.

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