Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Two posts in one day - that can only mean....

Fun With The Mentally Ill Day In Library Land!

Another tale for you all about The Mad Russian library patron - I swear, fiction writers couldn't dream this stuff up.

Today's little sojourn into madness was when he cornered me while he was waiting for a computer (he loves to type kooky letters to public officials). He just kept talking and talking and talking. I swear my eyes glazed over and I got slack jawed.

So here the interesting tid bits I learned today:

  1. He knows all about the corruption in the aerospace industry and UFOs
  2. The government is tapping his phones and intercepting his e-mails
  3. His lawyer mysteriously "retired" - the government scared him off
  4. Publishing companies are not returning his calls or e-mails because - the government scared them off
  5. His self-published book isn't selling on his web site because - the government tinkered with the credit card paying system
The best part was that he was deadly serious, and righteously indignant. ::sigh::

The way I figure it, the morals of this story are:

  1. Our mental health care system in the US is seriously wacked.
  2. I don't make nearly enough money.
But I think I've said all of this before....

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