Saturday, August 21, 2004

I finally forced myself to finish The Irish Devil by Diane Whiteside and you know what? It actually got better. Coincidently it got better after the heroine got feisty again and brandishes a shot gun. So great beginning, good ending and dismal middle. I rated it a C-.

I pulled out The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight to read next, and am only about 30 pages into it. According to her dedication this was her first book and it's published by small press Red Sage. I really liked Knight's debut for Berkley - Jane's Warlord - and while I'm not finding TFK as polished as that effort, it has started out promising.

For those keeping score on what exactly will be left in my library's parking lot - the piece of crap Chevy Corsica is still here. I'm thinking of making it the Library Mascot and naming it Christine (after the Stephen King novel). I'm giving the cops until Monday (which will make it Day 6 of being here) to tow the stupid thing before I call and harass dispatch. My boyfriend thinks I should just put it in neutral and push it out into traffic - a tempting thought at the moment.

Incidentally, since the car has been here I have found no more used condoms, feces or other goodies left behind.

Speaking of cars - I got to call 911 on Thursday after hearing a loud crash outside the library. I was in my cinder block office, so didn't see the accident happen. However it looked like an SVU (it's always an SVU) side-swiped two cars parked innocently on the street.

Note to self - never park out on the street outside of work....

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