Thursday, July 15, 2004

As promised, here is the link to my review of Hot Pink by Susan Johnson. Consider yourselves warned.

Looks like my very mini Kathryn Shay reading fest will come to an end when I wrap up The Man Who Loved Christmas. I got a notice yesterday that there is a package of review books waiting for me at the post office. I'll pick them up tomorrow after my scheduled doctor's appointment and work on those next.

I have to say the best part about reviewing is getting books in the mail. It's like Christmas all year around.

As for other news, I was ready to quit my job this week. But then I thought about how much I would miss living in my apartment, eating, and buying books - so decided to stay on. Most of my annoyance stems from the sheer challenges of working in an older city in an older building. Our air conditioning keeps going out, I'm finding used condoms in the parking lot, and yesterday someone hopped the wall to one of our patios, retreived a bag and took off (which just smells of drug dealer don't you think?).

So needless to say I'm more than ready for my long weekend off of work - even if I do have to spend time at the doctor's office and getting my car's oil changed.

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