Tuesday, July 6, 2004

After a lovely 4 day weekend, here I am back to work. It's depressing really. I wasn't meant to work for a living. I was meant for lounging on a Caribbean island, reading a smutty book, while my hunky cabana boy, Marco, serves me pina colodas.

I had a fairly uneventful holiday weekend, considering the highlight was purchasing a sofa sleeper for a second bedroom/computer room. We also sunk a considerable chunk of change into my boyfriend's car - which essentially needed a fluids flush.

I did get around to finishing Five Days In Summer by Kate Pepper. Not a bad book - but too slow for a suspense novel. The author spends a lot of time on inner character musings that do nothing to move the suspense thread forward - thus bogging the story done. I'm sure this would be fascinating stuff for, say, a general fiction novel - but it all seemed extraneous to me. But heck, what do I know - Publisher's Weekly loved it!

I've started Hot Pink by Susan Johnson, and I should state up front that this is a review book. After a particularly nasty experience with another of this author's contemporary efforts - I've pretty much sworn off of them. I do have some of her older historical titles sitting in my TBR (too-be-read) pile - but only because so many readers I know rave about them.

Hot Pink is better written than that other unfortunate title I suffered through, but it's still a little "too cool for school." The name dropping is starting to get a little thick, and at any moment I expect Linda Evans and Joan Collins to show up for a cat fight in the pool.

Frankly, it seems like lazy writing to me. Instead of creating the hero, the author writes that he looks like Goran Visnjic. The heroine wears Jimmy Choos and has pink hair - oh and to complete the hipness she's a web designer.

Like I said it's a little much. But it's a review book, so I must soldier on....

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