Saturday, May 29, 2004

Happy long weekend - well sort of.

I'm working today, so my long weekend has been split up a bit. By far the biggest perk of being a public librarian (trust me, it ain't the money), is all the holiday time I get. A general rule of thumb - if the post office is closed, I don't have to work.

I've been remiss the last couple of weeks about not posting about my Detroit Tigers, who are now 22-25. This probably doesn't sound like much to you shudder Yankees fans, but trust me when I say that 22-25 is a big deal for a club that didn't win 22 games until July 8 last year. What a difference an off season makes huh?

I've said all along that my dream for the Tigs this year was to go 500, but now I'm getting greedy. Now I want a winning season. Patience Wendy, patience.

On the reading front, I'm working on smut. Bad Boys On Board is yet another Brava anthology - this time by Shannon McKenna, Donna Kauffman and E.C. Sheedy.

I've managed to finish the McKenna offering, and it has only reinforced my opinion that she's the one author in the Brava universe who "gets it." While the intellectual part of my brain knows I should abhor her uber-Alpha heroes, her sex scenes are so frickin' hot that my brain tends to (so to speak).

I started the Kauffman story this morning and it's starting out to be another barn burner. Even better, the fantasy at the center of the story line is a classic - the ole' hot-sex- with-a-stranger-on-a-snowed-in-train. What's not to love about that?

Now to find more reading time....

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