Monday, April 12, 2004

So this is California?

It's been non-stop chaos since I left Michigan on April 7, but I'm slowly making progess on returning my life to some semblance of normalcy. The movers should be arriving with the rest of our stuff this week, Sears in delivering my new washer and dryer tomorrow (I will no longer be a slave to quarters!), and I'm slowly learning my way around. All that's left is getting my &%*$ @! California driver's license!

Not only do the fine folks at the DMV need to see my Michigan state driver's license and social security card - they also have to see an official birth certificate (no copy thank you). So I had my parents overnight UPS me a copy of mine, only to go to the DMV today to learn they were closed! If I get any crap from them tomorrow, you all might be hearing about me on the nightly news.

So it's been a state of unrest. I'm counting the moments until the movers arrive with my TV and computer. I'll be stalking the UPS man on April 20th - which is when my DSL equipment will arive.

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